His Mother's Hair , Part I

by: Melissa Anne Curling 
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Synopsis:A thirteen year old boy with little talent for typical 'boy' activities, finds he enjoys activities that are more suited to a girl. He has always had a fascination with his Mother's hair. His Mother and Aunt take him down a path that eventually leads to his feminization.
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His Mother's Hair, Part I

By Melissa Anne Curling

"Oh Madge, it's so good to see you!" Arlene beamed as she saw her sister for the first time in eight months.

"It's great to see you, too, Sis. You look terrific!" Madge countered as she hugged her sister. "When did you cut your hair? A little short isn't it?"

"Don't start in on me five seconds after we've said 'hello'! Not everyone likes to fuss with their hair the way you do, you know."

"But, it's a buzz cut. Mom is going to have a cow when she sees it," Madge replied.

"I already warned her so it won't be a complete surprise," Arlene explained. "Don't worry, I can handle Mom," she added.

"I'll tell her you said that," Madge kidded. "Oh, just come in! There's no sense in us standing out here on the porch," Madge urged.

"Where is that darling nephew of mine?" Arlene asked. "I've been saving up a big hug for him."

"He's over at a friend's house playing video games," Madge explained. "Arlene, I swear, that's all he ever does besides a little school work. I just don't know what to do with that son of mine," an exasperated Madge went on to explain to her sister as they sat in the living room to visit. "He just doesn't seem to be interested in anything. The only other thing that he does besides play video games on TV is sit and watch TV. I have such a hard time getting him to do anything and getting him to help around the house is impossible."

"I know, I know. It must be very difficult for him since his father passed away. He was always such a shy child. Now, I'll bet even more so. It's too bad he doesn't have any interest in sports. My Jimmy lives his life around that soccer team he's on," Arlene replied trying to help. "That kid of mine is all boy just like his jock of a father," she added.

"Sports are just not in Wendell's realm. He has good hand-eye coordination but his brain doesn't communicate with his feet very well. He's so uncoordinated he can hardly run down the sidewalk without tripping over his own two feet. And, I'm so afraid he's going to take after his father's side of the family. You know, he's thirteen now but has always been a little small for his age," Madge continued with concern.

"How's his school work?" Arlene asked.

"He does O.K. in that department. He's not going to be a brain surgeon; that's for sure," Madge offered.

"What about a hobby of some sort?" Arlene inquired.

"I don't know, it's so difficult trying to come up with something in that regard. I have tried to suggest stamp collecting, bird watching, even the boy scouts - he's not interested at all in even trying any of those things. His sole focus seems to be playing those silly video games of his. He'll play any game he can get his hands on. I actually saw him playing 'Pong" the other day."

"I didn't know that old, Stone Age game was still available."

"He was playing it on some old equipment of his fathers," Wendell's mother explained. "But, you know, there was one activity that he did seem to show some interest in..." she started to say but couldn't as she blushed and started to giggle.

"What is it Sis? What's so funny? Come on, tell me," Arlene urged with a puzzled look.

After Madge calmed down she went on to explain, "Remember a couple of months ago during the beginning of summer when Wendell went to stay with Mom? He was there for, oh, about three weeks.'

"Yeah, Mom told me he had come for a visit. So what's so funny about that?" Arlene asked.

"Well, when I went to pick him up after my cruse to Mexico, I drove up and found Mom gardening in the front yard. We chatted for a few moments in that beautiful front yard of hers- God, her flowers are so pretty. Then, we went in the house to find my little Wendell. What I found shocked me to my heels. He was sitting in his Grandmother's favorite chair knitting!" Madge exclaimed.

"Get out, Sis! What in heaven's name would he be doing that for?" Arlene prodded.

"When Wendell saw me, I evidently surprised him and he must have been a little embarrassed so he immediately tucked his knitting down in the side of the chair and leaned over to hide his project. You know Mom - with all of the tact of a raging bull. She went over and pulled him out of the chair, grabbed the needles, yarn and the little bundle of pink that he stuffed down there." Madge went on to say, "Mom brought it over and showed me this adorable little pink baby bootie that he was just finishing."

"You've got to be kidding," Arlene said. "Why would little Wendell be knitting a pink baby bootie for god's sake?"

"Well, Wendell tried to get up and sneak out but Mom stopped him cold. She walked him across the room over to me, stood behind him, and with her hands on his shoulders and without apology she proudly explained that during his visit, she had taught him how to knit. He just stood there looking down at my high heels as if he were ashamed or something. Mom went on to explain how they were watching TV one night side by side on the couch. She was working on a little knit outfit for her neighbor's new granddaughter and Wendell showed an interest in her knitting."

"Well, that isn't exactly normal for a thirteen year old, is it?"

"No, of course not. But Mom thought nothing of it so he showed him a few simple stitches and he got the hang of it right away," Madge furthered. "The next day, she bought him his own knitting needles, yarn, and a little instruction book with ideas for some simple beginner knitting projects."

"This is too interesting," the boy's aunt added shaking her head. She tried to picture her own son exhibiting sissy behavior and shook her head at the ridiculous thought.

"You haven't even heard the most of it, Sis. Have you ever seen Mom knit?" Madge asked. "What does she always wear when she performs that feminine task?"

"She wears one of those silly pinafore apron things she makes with the huge pockets," Arlene answered. "You don't mean...!" exclaimed Arlene.

"Honest to God. Mom made him a pinafore apron that matched hers exactly so while he was knitting, he could be 'just like Grandma'. He knitted several pairs of booties for the neighbor's baby granddaughter and then Mom started him working on a baby blanket. He even picked out the colors himself. I haven't seen it but I understand it's little girl pink with a dusty rose border."

"And he actually wore a pinafore apron...?" Arlene asked.

"Mom told me he wore it most of the time he was staying with her. During his visit, he would get up in the morning, shower and get dressed. Then, without her even asking him, he'd put on his apron. I understand he can tie a near perfect bow behind his back. They baked cookies, did some flower arranging, and even did some house work together. Mom told me that one evening he even helped her put some rollers in the back of her hair. You know, her arthritis is getting to be a concern."

"Did Mom say anything else?" Arlene asked

"Not really. She told me not to worry and that Wendell was a gentle boy who enjoyed doing more inside domestic activities as opposed to traditional outdoor 'boy' things. She had to go to her doctor's appointment so we had to end the conversation right there. When we said our 'goodbyes', I told her that I would invite her for a weekend visit sometime soon. That was it." Madge explained.

"Was he wearing the pinafore apron when you picked him up?" Not waiting to answer Arlene continued, "Madge, it sounds as if that boy of yours has a little bit of a sissy streak in him. Have there been any other signs of effeminate behavior?" Arlene asked.

"To tell you the truth, there was one other thing..."

"Come on Madge. It can't be that bad. You know you can tell me anything," Arlene demanded.

"I asked him how he was going to earn a some money this summer. You know he always likes to earn a little money of his own. He can mow lawns, do yard care while people are on vacation, walk dogs, … whatever. When I pressed him for an answer, he asked me if he could come and work with me at my beauty college."

"It sounds like you may have a bit of a challenge on your hands. What did he offer to do at the shop?"

"You know, sweep up, clean the wash basins, dust the shelves- just generally keep everything neat and tidy. He also thought he could bring the customers magazines to read while they are getting there hair done," Madge replied. "He also offered to serve them coffee, soft drinks, whatever."

"Kind of like being the shampoo girl without doing the shampoos," the boy's aunt countered.

"Well, not exactly..."

"Don't tell me he also offered to do the ladies' shampoos? My heavens, what are you going to do?"

"I told him I'd think about it. What else could I say?" Madge asked.

"You could have told him 'no'," Arlene answered.

"I basically did," Madge said.

"And?" Arlene prodded.

"He said 'O.K.', and, as usual, he went into the living room and started playing one of his video games. He's very passive when I tell him something," Madge said.

"Tell me, what's his favorite game?" Arlene asked

"He seems to like his X-Men game the best," Madge replied.

"Have you ever looked closely at exactly what he's playing? Let's go take a look," Arlene suggested. Arlene was hopeful that Wendell's X-Men game was the same as the one that she had bought for her Jimmy on his last birthday- and, it was.

Now in the living room and having examined Wendell's favorite X-Men game and the characters he chose to portray when playing the game, Madge was sitting quietly with her head in her hands.

"Arlene, I had no idea. These games are; of course, on the violent side- I knew that. But, why on earth would he choose to play the X-Men characters of 'Storm' and 'Phoenix'? Two women for Pete's sake?"

"Madge, it seems to me that it just all fits. My guess is that your boy is probably a little more of a 'Wendy' than a 'Wendell' at heart," Arlene replied.

"Don't tell me you think he wants to be a girl? I don't believe it! How on earth can I go about figuring that out? I wouldn't even know where to start. I'm a hairdresser, not a psychologist," Madge said.

"Madge, just calm down. Isn't Mom joining us this weekend? She's the proverbial 'bull in the china shop', that's for sure. But, she has a real insight into people. I've seen it a hundred times. She can really peg a person right down to their toes. You can talk to her about all of this. If you think about it, maybe she's already been delving into Wendell's feminine frame of mind? After all, she did get him started knitting and wearing an apron- not to mention having him help set her hair."

"Maybe you're right," Madge said with a calm tone in her voice.

"Look Sis, I'm only trying to help. One more question- did Mom ask to come and visit or did you invite her out of the blue?" Arlene inquired.

"She asked to come. Why does it matter?" Madge replied.

"It wouldn't surprise me a bit if she was coming to let you in on some of her insights regarding Wendell. I don't have anything particular planned this weekend. Why don't we all have a girls' weekend with Mom."

"That would be wonderful. I'll see if Wendell can stay over at one of his friends' house."

"Oh, don't do that, Madge. God, sometimes you can be so dense."

"Arlene, you don't mean..."

"Let's just see what happens with Wendell when Mom is here for her visit. She's already had him involved in some girlish behavior. It could be very interesting."

"I don't even want to think about it," Madge interjected. "All of this talk has given me such a headache."

"Come on, let me brush your hair for you, Sis. That always relaxes you," Arlene offered.

"That would be wonderful, I'll get my brush," Madge replied.

Moments later, Arlene was sitting on the couch with her sister perched on a footstool in front of her and between her legs. Madge unpinned her mid- back length, naturally auburn, thick, wavy locks. As she ran her fingers through her hair to loosen it a bit, Madge remembered back to her younger days when her Mother, and often her older sister, would brush her hair. How girlish she used to feel as they slowly passed the brush through her tresses giving her hair a lustrous shine. She loved listening to the compliments and envy regarding her hair as they brushed and brushed her gorgeous mane.

"God, Arlene, that feels so good. You still have the touch. I have to ask, why did you cut your hair so short?" Madge asked.

"I'm the one with the brush in her hands, Sis. If you want me to continue, you better be good and don't bug me about my hair!" Arlene warned as she grabbed a handful of Madge's hair and gave it a little tug.

"Ouch! That hurt. I'm sorry, just please don't stop brushing my hair." Madge begged sounding a lot like a child.

"Look, I told you at the door, I don't like fussing with my hair the way you do," Arlene explained.

"It's just that you have such pretty hair. I hate to see it wasted on the salon floor," Madge countered.

"More like the barber shop floor, if you want to know the truth," Arlene countered.

"A barber shop? Are you out of your mind? Why on earth would you go to a barbershop to get your hair cut?" Madge asked.

"If you must know, there's a certain barber there that I've started a relationship with- as in personal relationship," Arlene replied. "You've met someone! I'm so happy. What's his name?" Madge eagerly asked.

"She, is actually a barberette. If you want to know any more, I'd be happy to tell you the whole story," Arlene said as she smiled.

"Sis, if you don't mind, could we save this topic of our 'catching up' for later. I always expected that you might swing both ways. Right now, I've got enough gender issues on my mind worrying about Wendell," Madge pleaded.

"O.K. with me Sis. Relax my girl; just relax. Let your sister brush your hair," Arlene said almost hypnotically. "You know I don't have my glasses on. Who is the young girl in the picture on the mantle?" Arlene inquired.

"You do need to put your glasses on. That's your loving nephew, Wendell," Madge answered.

"Must be the distance and the shadow. Looks from here like he has long hair," Arlene commented.

"He does have long hair. Just refuses to get it cut. His last hair cut was about nine months ago and then it was only trimmed to just past his ears," Madge explained. "Now it's just a little past his shoulders. Lot's of boys his age have long hair these days," she added.

"His coloring is a carbon copy of yours. With that long, auburn hair, slight build, delicate features, long eye lashes and those pouty lips, I'll bet he's a real doll," Arlene commented.

"Arlene, please, I know what you're getting at and..." Madge said not completing her sentence as the front door slammed.

"Wendell! Come and give your Auntie Arlene a big hug. So good to see you honey!" Arlene beamed as she stopped brushing her sister's hair long enough to embrace her nephew. As she imparted her hug, she ran her fingers through the boy's shoulder length hair. "How's my favorite nephew? Hey, nice hair, baby doll! Almost as long as your Mother's," she added although that was far from the truth.

"Thanks, Aunt Arlene. Lot's of guys in my class are wearing their hair like this. Pretty cool, huh?"

"Yeah, cool, very cool," his aunt assured thinking that he looked ever so girlish.

"Sweetie, why don't you sit and visit with your old Auntie while I brush your Mother's hair," Arlene coaxed. "Your Mom's got a headache and this always used to relax her. You could say that I'm trying to brush her headache away."

As Wendell sat next to his aunt, they visited covering topics like school, his friends, and, eventually, his visit to his Grandmother's last summer.

"So, I hear you enjoyed your stay at your Grandma's house. What did you do to keep busy?" Arlene asked.

Not wanting to let his aunt in on his activities at his Grandmother's house, Wendell responded by telling his aunt about the yard work he did and how he 'just helped' around the house.

"How's the headache, Sis?" Arlene asked.

"Still there, I'm afraid," Madge replied.

"Wendell, honey, will you do me a favor? I've been trying to chase your Mother's headache away for a half an hour and my wrists are getting sore. Would you take over for me and brush your Mother's hair for a while?" Arlene pleaded.

Wendell loved his Mother's hair. He used to hold it in his hand when he was a baby and fell asleep in his Mother's arms. He was captivated by it, especially when she washed it and put it up in rollers. "Sorry Auntie, I don't know how," Wendell said with regret.

Arlene thought it odd that he called her 'Auntie' but passed it off knowing he had been under his mother's influence for so long that he must have picked up that word from her.

"Come on, sweetie. This isn't rocket science. Just trade places with me," Arlene countered as she stood up and handed Wendell the brush.

Wendell complied not knowing what else to do.

"Now, hold the brush in your right hand and gently put your left hand on your Mother's head. That's right, good, just like that. Isn't her hair beautiful and doesn't it feel good? Now, start towards the top of the back of her head in the center and run the brush … that's very good. Now, move your brush a little to the left of the center … now a little to the right, oh perfect," Arlene instructed as Wendell brushed his Mother's hair. "Now take another pass only a little farther to the left … then a little farther to the right. Overlap the brush strokes a little. Perfect! Oh, honey, you are doing such a good job. You've done this before, haven't you?" Arlene complimented.

Wendell was mesmerized by the feel, smell and texture of his Mother's hair. He couldn't get over how silky it was and how, with each stroke, it seemed to bounce and shine more and more. He was so caught up in his task that it was as if he was in his own little dream world. He continued to brush his Mother's beautiful hair in the most graceful manner. Yes, Arlene thought, 'graceful' is the only word for it.

"How's he doing, Madge?" Arlene asked.

"Oh, yes, that feels so good. His touch is so gentle. God, that feels so nice. Honey, do you like brushing your Mommie's hair?" the boy's mother asked.

Wendell was so caught up in what he was doing that he could hardly speak. He continued running the brush through his Mother's hair over and over again. He was amazed at how soft its texture was but, what he enjoyed most, was her hair's almost intoxicating perfumed scent. Enthralled with his Mother's hair, he was soon distracted by a gentle but steady stirring in his little manhood. He had only felt this tingling once before when he was helping his Grandmother set her hair.

"Can I stop now?" Wendell ventured because of the stirring in his undies.

"Just a little longer, sweetie. Headache's almost gone … hmmm," Madge murmured as she felt her own little stirrings. Her hair was always such a focal point of her femininity.

Madge actually started to drift into a state of semi-consciousness and didn't notice that Wendell was no longer sitting on the couch. He was now kneeling beside her. She was almost being lulled to sleep by the methodical way her little boy was brushing her hair. First one side, then the other, crawling on his knees as he slowly worked his way back and forth around his Mother's head. As she started to nod off, she woke with a bit of a jolt and sat upright.

"Honey, that was just wonderful! Thank you so much for getting rid of my headache. I almost feel like I had a little nap- I feel so good, now," Madge praised. Then she added, "Mommie's going to have to get you to do this again for her real soon. Oh, wow, I better get supper going. It's almost four o'clock."

"Madge, what are you going to do with your hair? It's just had a good brushing and it's certainly full and pretty but you can't run around the kitchen preparing food with all of that loose hair flying about," Arlene commented.

"No, probably not. But I hate to put it up or in a ponytail after that incredible brushing. How about a quick loose braid," Madge suggested.

"Sounds good. Sit down and we'll fix it for you. Here Wendell, you sit next to me and watch me braid your Mother's hair. I'm guessing that wasn't the last time you will brush your Mother's hair and you should know how to do this too," the boy's aunt directed.

"Wendell, you sit here and watch closely. You see, you gather the hair with your fingers and divide the hair into three equal sections … just like this … now you take this section and cross it over this section like this. Then you take this section and cross it over the one in the middle … see the braid is starting to take shape. Now, repeat, yes, see, isn't this easy?" Arlene explained.

Arlene slowly finished her sister's braid, instructing Wendell as she went. When she got to the end, she glanced around for a band of some type and found nothing. Quickly, she started to undo Madge's braid.

"Arlene, what are you doing? I told you I have to make dinner," Madge said with an edge to her voice.

"Just a few more minutes, sweetie. I want to see if Wendell can braid your hair for you since he did so well brushing it out. Just be patient for a minute," Arlene said.

Wendell's aunt stood behind him guiding his hands and fingers until they had Madge's hair smooth and separated once again into three sections. A fast learner, he was soon rhythmically braiding his Mother's hair. He finished the braid holding it tightly at the end.

"Now what do I do, Auntie Arlene?" he asked.

"We need something to tie off the end," Arlene reminded. Directing her question to Madge, Arlene asked, "Still have that drawer of hair stuff in the bathroom?" Then, to her nephew, "Wendell, you sit there 'holding down the fort' or I should say 'holding down the braid' and I'll be back in a second," Arlene joked as she left the room.

"I really appreciate you brushing my hair for me, Wendell. It's nice to be pampered a little bit," Wendell's Mother said, just wanting to make conversation. "By the way, your Auntie will be here for a few days and I want you on your best behavior. And, don't be sensitive if she gets a little bossy. Your Auntie can be that way sometimes."

As Madge sat waiting for Arlene, she thought that her sister might still be married if she had found a husband that she could boss around. She was such a dominant personality that she and her ex-husband never did get along. As Arlene came back into the room, she noted the touching sight of little Wendell sitting ever so still behind his Mother delicately holding the end of her braid. She noticed a daintiness about him that was quite striking.

Arlene scooted Wendell over as she took the end of the braid from her nephew. "Here, let me show you how to do this. We use these covered elastic bands to protect the hair. If you use just a plain rubber band, your Mother could get split ends."

"What's that?" Wendell asked genuinely concerned.

"I'll show you sometime when we are out and about. Your Mother's hair is so healthy you won't find any split ends in this house. But, basically, the end of the hair shaft gets dry and brittle then splits apart like a little miniature brush. It looks awful. Pay attention, now. You'll get the hang of this but you loop the hair through, cross the band like this, loop, cross, loop and done. Easy, isn't it honey?" Madge asked her nephew. Then she added, "There Madge, now your beautiful hair is in such a pretty braid. Let's finish it off with this..." Arlene said as she tied a white ribbon in a perfect bow over the elastic that held the end of the braid that Wendell had created. She thought that Madge's hair did look sweet in that braid even if it was a little juvenile with the white bow at the end. It looked just as it did when she was a schoolgirl.

"All finished. Mister Wendell's first hair do!" Arlene proclaimed.

"Why did you say 'mister' Auntie Arlene?" Wendell asked.

"Male hairdressers often use 'mister' with their first names. "'Mister Ray' for instance, is one of the most famous hairdressers of all time," Arlene explained.

As his Mother and Auntie headed for the kitchen, Wendell got his favorite video game warmed up. He thought back to the beginning of summer when he finished helping his Grandmother put a few curlers in the back of her hair and she said, "Thank you, Mister Wendell." He didn't think anything about it at the time, but now his Mother and Auntie were using the same phrase. How did his Mother, Aunt and Grandmother all know about this 'mister' business, he wondered?

In the kitchen...

"See, I told you so," Arlene commented.

"Told me what?" Madge asked.

"Wendell's a little more of a Wendy than a Wendell," Arlene answered.

"Nonsense. Just because he brushed and braided my hair? That's ridiculous," Madge defended.

"It's not just that. You couldn't see everything from where you were sitting. First of all, he brushed and braided your hair like an expert the very first time. He was especially good at the braiding part of it," Andrea continued.

"I told you he was good with his hands," Wendell's Mother explained.

"As he was brushing your hair, he was looking at it like it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. I'm telling you he has a natural affinity for hair. When I came back with the elastic band, he was sitting there holding your braid as proud as he could be. He was sitting up so straight and smiling with the braid between his thumb and forefinger with his little pinkie straight out to the side," Arlene demonstrated. Then she put her left hand on her hip, moved her hip a little, and made an exaggerated limp wristed movement with her right hand and added, "So 'sissy'!"

"I swear to God Arlene, I haven't hit you since we were kids but you're getting close," Madge warned.

"Hey, don't kill the messenger. Maybe he's just got your hairdresser gene," Arlene said trying to get her sister from being so defensive. "When Mom comes tomorrow, we'll talk to her about it."

"My headache is on the way back," Madge pleaded.

"O.K., O.K., why don't we get dinner going," Arlene offered.

After dinner, Wendell, his Mother and Aunt settled into the living room for some television.

"Anything good on tonight?" Arlene asked.

"Not much, same old violence and stupid sit-coms," her sister answered.

"Wendell, why don't you and I play one of your video games? You get to choose," Arlene offered.

"How about X-Men!" Wendell suggested.

"Fine by me," the boy's aunt replied. "I get to be 'Storm'," she insisted knowing that she was Wendell's favorite character.

"Well, all right," Wendell agreed.

As they each got their game controllers and started the game, Arlene went to the screen showing the all of the game characters and their past scores.

"Aren't you the only one that plays this game?" Arlene asked her nephew.

"What do you mean? Everybody plays this game," Wendell answered.

"No, I mean this game, your game?" Arlene asked.

"Just me and my friend Shelly?" Wendell replied.

"Shelly?" Arlene asked.

"Next door neighbor," Madge answered. "Nice enough girl. A year older than Wendell and just as cute as they come but, other than her blonde ringlets, she's got a mean streak and is a little bit of a tomboy. She goes at it with her little brother unmercifully. We hear some screaming going on over there from time to time, then, all of the sudden it just goes quiet."

"A tomboy with blonde ringlets? That doesn't fit," Arlene stated.

"It's Shelly's concession to her Mother for being allowed to wear boyish clothes," Madge explained. "You should see her! If Shelly and her Mom are going somewhere special, Shelly usually gets her hair curled. It's hilarious to see her playing ball with the kids in the street with her hair up in vertically placed pink foam curlers and a sheer turban scarf around her head. Talk about a scene that doesn't fit- that's it! She plays soccer and softball in the street better than most of the boys," Madge added thinking about how Wendell usually watched the soccer games from the front porch.

As the conversation went on, Wendell thought about how the neighbor children were disciplined. Their Mother, Nancy, was also a single parent and used an age old punishment, 'petticoat punishment', to quiet her children. Wendell was unaware of the term 'petticoat punishment' but he had witnessed it several times. Considering Shelly's tomboyish ways, to be put in a frilly dress was a punishment for both of Nancy's children. Wendell decided long ago that he would never discuss that situation with his Mother. He surely didn't want to give her any ideas... or, did he?

"Wendell, I have a question. Why are the only two characters in the game with any history points 'Storm' and 'Phoenix'? Aren't they both female super heroes? You must play the game pretending you are one of them," Arlene asked.

As Wendell started to squirm wondering what he was going to tell his Aunt, his Mother was distracted by her own thoughts. Madge stated, "You know, I'd like to wash and set my hair before Mom comes tomorrow. She is such a stickler for neat hair. If it's not 'just so', she cackles that "Looks like a haystack on your head!" comment that I've been hearing since I was a kid. I'm just so tired I can't bear the thought of washing it and putting it up in rollers."

"Why don't you do it in the morning?" Arlene asked.

"My dryer is broken and even if I wear rollers all day, it'll never dry in time," Madge replied. " Then it really will look like a haystack. Besides, I'm used to wearing curlers to bed and it's better than walking around all morning with my hair up in rollers. It's no longer the fifties, you know."

Wendell didn't understand the "It's not the fifties you know" part of his Mother's comment. But he had, on many occasions, seen his Mother spend a Saturday cleaning the house while wearing her apron and a brightly colored scarf over her rollers. As he was pondering the thought of his Mother's hair up in rollers, his aunt spoke.

"It's been a long time since I started out with you at beauty school, Sis, but I'll help you put your hair up for the night. Never could figure out how you sleep on those things," Arlene offered then added, "And, I'm sure Wendell would like to help."

"What can Wendell do?" Madge asked.

"Don't worry about it. Just go get your stuff and Wendell and I will meet you in the kitchen," Arlene directed.

Arlene started warming the water in the sink and asked Wendell to get his step stool from the pantry. After all, Wendell wasn't very tall and sometimes needed help reaching the cupboards.

Fully intending to teach her little nephew to help his Mother with her hair, she positioned the step stool just to the left side of the sink.

"This is great! Sprayer attachment, warm water just right, all we need is your Mother," Wendell's Aunt said. "And, here she is!" Arlene exclaimed as Madge walked into the kitchen with her shampoo, conditioner, setting lotion, two pink towels and her curler basket.

"Got enough stuff there, Sis?" Arlene kidded.

"Everything I need for a gorgeous head of hair," Madge explained.

"O.K. Mister Wendell, up on your step stool," Arlene said pointing to the stool by the sink.

Wendell thought, "There's that 'Mister' stuff again." He quickly stood on the stool and smiled thinking about the circus and how his aunt pointed to the stool and he obeyed as if he was a trained animal under the 'Big Top'.

Arlene draped a towel around her sister's shoulders and tucked it into the collar of her blouse. Arlene, clearly directing the scene, said, "Madge, let your son take out your braid. Wendell, take the bow off your Mother's braid and gently remove the elastic band."

Madge moved over to Wendell and turned her back. Wendell, still perched on his step stool, did as he was told. "Very good. Now, starting at the bottom, slowly undo your Mommie's braid." Wendell wasn't sure he was happy about this part of this intimate kitchen scene and looked directly into his aunt's eyes. "Don't worry, honey, I know you love your Mommie's braid and, I know it's your first hairdo creation, but I'm sure in a couple of days or so you'll be brushing and braiding your Mother's again. Go on, sweetie, do as you are told."

Wendell gently started to unwind his Mother's thick braid. Darn! There was that tingling sensation 'down there' again.

"Now, we'll run this extra wide tooth comb through your Mother's hair to help keep the tangles out during her shampoo. Here Wendell, start at the bottom. Gently, gently, that's right. We don't want to pull Mommie's hair, now do we?" Arlene coached as Wendell held the comb in his hand and Arlene held Wendell's hand in hers. "Isn't this nice, Wendell? Don't you just love helping with your Mother's hair?"

When Madge's thick tresses were loose from her braid and the wide tooth comb had done it's work making her hair free of tangles, she moved to the sink and bent over allowing her hair to fall into the basin. Arlene went to the right side of the sink as Wendell stood on his stool to the left.

"God, you've got a lot of hair, Madge," Arlene exclaimed as she started to wet her sister's hair with the spray nozzle.

"Yes, and it's such a bother. I think about whacking it once in a while but I don't have the courage. It's so thick and I've had it long since I was a little girl, it's just part of who I am," Madge replied.

"Well, if you ever want to get rid of it, I've got a barberette at home that would love to get her clippers into this hair," Arlene prodded.

"No," the word came out of Wendell's mouth almost inaudibly but firmly before he could stop it.

"Oh, don't worry, sweetie, your Mommie's not going to cut her precious hair," Arlene comforted her nephew in an unusually effeminate voice.

Once Madge's hair was soaking wet, Arlene poured a large dollop of shampoo into her palm and started to work it into her sister's hair. As she worked up a rich lather, Arlene explained, "See, Wendell, see how a little shampoo goes a long way. When you shampoo your Mother's hair, you use different parts of your hands to clean her scalp and hair. You massage the scalp with your fingertips, like this. Come on, honey, get your fingers in here."

Wendell was reluctant to put his fingers into his Mother's hair, now full of rich lather from her fragrant shampoo.

"Your Mother's hair is not going to bite your Wendell!" Arlene impatiently scolded. She pulled her hands out of Madge's hair, shook her hands into the sink, and walked around to the left side of the sink. Abruptly, she grabbed Wendell's wrists and stuck his hands into his Mother's hair.

"There, now doesn't that feel good. Oh, I see, you're worried about your clothes getting wet. Sis, do you have an apron handy?" Arlene asked.

With her head still in the sink, Madge answered, "Sure, there's one in the pantry. But, it's not very..."

"Perfect!" Arlene exclaimed pulling the full skirted, lace trimmed floral apron out of the cupboard. "Sis, I'll bet Mom made this for you," Arlene commented.

"Pull your hands out of your Mother's shampoo for a second, Wendell," Arlene directed.

"I'm not wearing that Auntie Arlene," Wendell firmly stated.

"Don't be silly, it's just to protect your clothes. No one will see and, besides, don't argue with your Auntie. Now, turn around," Arlene ordered.

Wendell, feeling vulnerable standing on the step stool with shampoo lather covering his hands, did as he was told. Arlene slipped the bib apron over Wendell's head and arms and tied the lace ties in a bow securely behind his back.

"There now, don't you look cute. Let's get back to your Mother's shampoo," Arlene said turning Wendell around by the shoulders.

"Just one more thing as long as my hands are dry. Nephew, let's get that hair out of your eyes," the boy's aunt said with a somewhat wicked look. Without saying another word, Arlene picked up two Bobbie pins from Madge's curler box and pulled Wendell's hair from his left temple and pinned it back above his left ear. "There, now the other side," Arlene said as she similarly pinned Wendell's hair back on the right side. "Now you can see what you're doing," she said.

Wendell reached up and touched his hair getting it wet with shampoo.

"What are you doing, Wendell? You've just made a mess in your hair!" Arlene scolded. "Now we'll have to wash yours too!"

"What are these things in my hair, Auntie Arlene!" Wendell asked.

"They're just two Bobbie pins to keep your hair from falling in your eyes. Now, get your fingers back into your Mother's shampoo, young man," Arlene said.

"Start massaging Mommie's head with the tips of your fingers. That's right, use firm little circular motions. See, Wendell, how easy this is. No, smaller circles, we don't want to tangle your Mommie's hair, now do we? Here, watch me," Arlene said as she took over the shampooing of Madge's hair after she moved to her former position to Madge's right. "See how I'm washing your Mother's hair without getting it all tangled," Arlene said as she gently worked her sister's hair through her hands.

"Mmmm..." was all Madge had to say.

"Here, you finish your Mother's shampoo," Wendell.

Wendell was again completely enthralled at the sight and feel of his Mother's hair only now he was washing it. It was soaking wet and full of rich lather so the sensation was very different than when he was brushing and braiding it. Besides what he was feeling and seeing, he also loved the feminine smell of his Mother's shampoo. He now realized why his Mother's hair smelled the way it did.

"Ouch!" Madge cried.

"What's the matter, Mommie?" Wendell asked not even thinking that he hadn't used that word to refer to his Mother in years.

"You pulled my hair a little bit, honey. It's no big deal, it just startled me is all," Madge.

"Take your hands out of your Mother's hair for a second, Wendell. Let's get this soap off your fingers and check something," Arlene said as she turned on the faucet and rinsed the tips of his fingers. "Just as I thought, your fingernails are a mess. We'll do a manicure for you right after we finish your Mother's shampoo. We can do it while her hair is conditioning. A hair stylist needs to keep her … I mean … his hands and nails in perfect shape."

"I think that's enough," Madge said from her awkward position. "My back is starting to ache."

"O.K., let's rinse out the shampoo and then we'll put on the conditioner," Arlene said.

As Arlene began to rinse the shampoo from his Mother's hair, Wendell looked on intently. "Is this what he would have to do if his Mother ever let him help with shampoos at the beauty college?" he thought to himself.

With her head still in the sink, Madge explained, "Arlene, it has been a long time since you've done my hair. I use a new spray on conditioner and just leave it in. Now that I'm a little older I need a little extra conditioner and there's also a light conditioner in my setting lotion and both products work together perfectly for my type of hair."

Wendell paid close attention to how his aunt gently rinsed the shampoo out of his Mother's hair. He watched in awe how she used the spray attachment on the faucet and sprayed from the scalp to the end of her hair ridding it quickly of the frothy bubbles. When she was finally finished, Arlene squeezed the excess water from her sister's long hair as if she was wringing out a towel. She then took the towel that was draped over Madge's shoulders protecting her blouse and started to gently dry Madge's hair with it. In a flash, Madge stood up and quickly wrapped the towel around her head turban style.

"Oh, my aching back!" Madge exclaimed. "But, that was worth it. There's nothing that feels as good as having someone wash your hair. Oh, Wendell, you look so … so … sweet!" Madge half shouted as she saw him for the first time in his pinafore apron.

"Mom, please! Take this thing off of me!" Wendell begged.

"What have you got in your hair?" Madge asked ignoring his demand and examining her son's pinned back hair.

"Just some shampoo and water. He was worried about the Bobbie pins I used to hold his hair out of his face and stuck his shampoo filled hand up there," Arlene answered. "Why don't we wash his hair as long as we have all of your supplies here?" Arlene asked smiling at her sister.

"Good idea. Wendell, we need to protect your clothes while I wash your hair so you can keep the apron on. Move your stool to the center of the sink and step up there," Madge said as she motioned him to the sink with a wave of her hand.

"Mom, I always wash my hair in the shower! Please don't make me do this," Wendell begged.

"Your hair hasn't had a proper washing in a long time so it's up to the sink with you. Now, move it along and do as I say! I told you I was getting tired so don't argue!" Madge sharply commanded. Then she added, "Arlene, why don't you wash his hair. Then, I can get my hair sorted out and ready for setting?" Madge said directing her statement toward Arlene.

"I'd be happy to. We really do need to move this along. It's been years since I've had a roller in my hand so I'm sure I'm not as good with rolling hair as I used to be," Arlene said patting the right side of her own shorn stubble. "I'm happy to do it but setting your hair may take me a while," Arlene added.

Madge sat down at the kitchen table, while his Aunt led Wendell to his step stool. Arlene felt a little twinge of her own sexual excitement leading the passive young boy to his shampoo. Secretly, she loved the way he looked in his Mother's apron. "just the way a boy his age should be dressed," she thought to herself.

While Madge looked for her styling tools, Wendell was enjoying his Aunt Arlene shampooing his hair. It was not as long as his Mother's hair but it was the same color so he wondered if it looked the same as his Mother's did when her head was in the sink.

Madge undid the pink towel around her head and proceeded to use her wide toothed comb on her wet hair. After spraying on the conditioner, she carefully combed through the wetness until her hair was hanging straight all around. Then, as she had done countless times before and this time did without the aid a mirror; she expertly sectioned her hair with two parts from her forehead to her crown. This left a strip of hair in the middle of her head from front to back wide enough for a row of her hair rollers. She couldn't keep a smile off of her face as she watched Wendell; standing on his stool, wrapped from shoulder to knee in her most feminine apron, getting his hair washed by his Aunt. The apron was too large for him and its style made him look more like he was wearing an old fashioned dress. Her womanhood also began to tingle as she took in the sight of her feminine boy.

She had to admit that her little boy must have a bit of a sissy side to go along with the events of the last few hours. "After all, he brushed and braided my hair, was put into a frilly apron with little protest, and helped with my shampoo. And now, he's having his hair washed in the sink like a girl. Oh, he's just as cute as can be in that apron," she thought to herself. As Arlene finished Wendell's shampoo and started rinsing Wendell's hair, Madge also gave thought to what must have been some interesting scenes while Wendell was visiting his Grandmother and that made her smile even more.

"Here, Wendell, let's wrap this towel around your hair so you don't drip everywhere," Arlene said as she stood Wendell up from his position bent over the sink. Arlene blotted some excess water from Wendell's hair and then wrapped his head in the pink towel. "There, sweetie, just like Mommie!" Arlene proclaimed.

"I'll just go dry my hair with my hair dryer, Auntie," Wendell countered.

"No, that's going to take too long. Your Mother is waiting patiently for her hair stylist and it wouldn't be polite to keep her waiting any longer. Come here and I'll show you how we're going to set your Mother's hair," Arlene said as she led the effeminate looking boy to his Mother.

"I've never done this before, Auntie. I don't know how!" Wendell complained.

"I know you don't know how, Wendell. I'm going to show you. You know Wendell, maybe it's that cute little apron you're wearing, but you sounded just like a whinny little girl when you said that," Arlene kidded.

"Arlene!" Madge scolded with the tone in her voice.

"Maybe we should start calling you Wendy!" Arlene said ignoring her sister.

"That's enough! Do I have to do this myself!" Madge said impatiently pointing to her head of wet hair.

Wendell's feelings were hurt but his thoughts quickly went back to how wonderful it was to brush and then braid his Mother's hair. Helping with her shampoo was also a treat for him even though he was at a loss in trying to understand why he enjoyed that so much. Was it the feel of the lather in his Mother's wet hair? Maybe it was the scent of her shampoo? It didn't matter. Could helping put the rollers in his Mother's hair be another unexpected treat?

"See, your Mother has already sectioned her hair for the setting pattern she wants to you to use. You use a different setting pattern depending on the style you want to achieve. You will have to learn how to use different setting patterns if you want to be her hair stylist," Arlene instructed.

"Hair stylist?" Wendell thought. "When did I say I wanted to be her hair stylist?" Although that thought had some appeal to him, he kept those thoughts to himself. But, he did have to admit that he enjoyed every minute of his previous experiences tending to his Mother's beautiful hair.

Madge handed Arlene the pink rat tail comb from her styling supplies. Arlene then ran the pointed tip of the comb through the front of the strip of hair on the top of Madge's head. "See, Wendell, we're sectioning just enough hair to wrap around the first roller. How much hair you section depends on the size of the roller we're going to use. Your Mother has chosen her inch and a half brush rollers for her set. So, watch how this works," Arlene instructed.

First she sprayed the lock of hair with setting lotion and combed it through so it was distributed evenly. She explained this to Wendell as she then wrapped the end of Madge's hair onto the roller, pulled the roller slightly so the hair was even, and then wound it down to her sister's scalp.

"It's just that easy. Now, hand me one of those pink plastic picks from the table," Arlene pointed and said.

"Which things, Auntie? Wendell asked.

"Which things do you think? Those nail looking things on the table! Give me one," Arlene sharply said.

Wendell quickly handed his aunt one of the plastic picks. "See, the pick goes through the hair and through the roller, and the end of the pick bends a little as it rests against your Mother's head," Arlene explained.

"Doesn't that hurt," Wendell asked with concern.

"Not really. I'm sure your Mother has had these picks for years so they are a little flexible. Would you like to see what it feels like?" Arlene offered.

Not thinking clearly and completely caught up in the moment, Wendell said, "Well..."

Arlene pounced at the thought of putting a roller in her nephew's hair and whipped the towel off of his head.

"No, that's O.K., Auntie. Please,..." Wendell begged.

"Nonsense, Wendell. Stand still! You can't properly do this for your Mother unless you know what it feels like. This is no big deal," Arlene said as she quickly separated a section Wendell's hair at his forehead. Madge smiled as she handed her sister one of her smaller rollers. Arlene took the roller and in seconds it was tightly wound down to Wendell's scalp and secured with one of the picks.

"See, that's not so bad, is it," Arlene asked. As Wendell stood there feeling the taught pull of the brush roller and plastic pick securing it. The boy's aunt combed through the rest of Wendell's hair with the wide toothed comb until it was tangle free. "Let's put some of this conditioner on your hair, Wendy," Arlene suggested. Arlene sprayed Wendell's hair with the conditioner, combing it evenly through.

Wendell was so much so in the spell of his Aunt putting a curler in his hair that it didn't appear that he heard his Aunt call him Wendy. Or, if he did, he chose to just ignore it.

"Madge, do you have a banana clip in your box of tricks?" Arlene asked.

"There's one in there somewhere," Madge answered.

Arlene found a tortoise shell banana clip in Madge's curler box and headed for her nephew.

"What are you doing, Arlene?" Madge asked.

"I don't want Wendy's hair to dry until we're ready. If I pull it back and put it up in this clip, it should stay damp," Arlene explained.

Wendell stood complacently while his aunt combed his hair back to the crown of his head. There, she twisted it and tucked the ends in to what looked like a sort of French twist and secured the mass of hair with the large clip. This all went on behind the chair that Madge was sitting in.

"Show your Mother what I did to your hair, sweetie," Arlene ordered

Wendell was embarrassed as walked over to give his Mother a view of his hair.

"That's nice, honey. You should thank your Aunt Arlene for taking such good care of your hair," Madge said smiling at the feminine sight of her son. He did look a bit ridiculous with a single roller at his forehead and the rest of his hair pulled back in the banana clip.

"Thank you, Auntie," Wendell said in a girlish tone.

"Now, can we get back to your Mother's hair?" Arlene asked.

Mesmerized by the events of the last few moments, Wendell went back to his position next to his Mother's chair.

"Now, we take the next section for the next roller," Arlene said as she demonstrated. After Arlene had taken the next section of Madge's hair and combed through it with the rat tail comb, she placed the end of the damp lock around the second roller and would it down to her sister's head. "Pick," She said to Wendell. Wendell complied and Arlene seated the second roller securely in place.

"Now, I want you to try to put the next roller in, Wendell," Aunt Arlene said.

"I'm nervous, Auntie. I don't think I can do it!" Wendell cried.

"Of course you can sweetie. Here, let me help you with the first one," the boy's aunt said.

Arlene stepped behind Wendell, handing him the rat tail comb. She could tell he was shaking a little as she wrapped her hands around his. She guided the tip of the comb in Wendell's hand through Madge's hair sectioning it for the next roller.

"O.K., now hold the hair in your hand and put the comb in the pocket of your apron. Use this wide toothed comb to smooth out the hair. That's right, just comb it straight up. Good, now spray the lock of hair with the setting lotion and comb it through. Good. Now take the roller from your Mother and wrap the end around, that's right. Pull the roller a little so the hair is tight and even … Good boy, Wendell! You're a natural," Arlene cheered as he wound the roller down to his Mother's scalp. "You're so good at this Wendell, you should think about growing up to be a hairdresser like your Mother!" the boy's aunt added.

"Do the next one all by yourself, honey," Arlene insisted. Wendell fumbled a little but with a little coaxing accomplished his task.

With the next roller now in place, Madge had four brush rollers neatly arranged on the top of her head.

"Just continue down the back to Mommie's hairline, sweetie," Arlene said.

"But I ran out of the part in Mommie's hair, Auntie. What do I do now?" he asked.

"Here, I'll show you. No, keep the comb; you do just what I tell you. Use the rat tail comb and use right the edge of the last roller as a guide to gather the next section. That's good," Arlene said again guiding his hand. "Now, you took a little too much hair on the left side so use your fingers to separate the extra hair on the left end so it's just as wide as the hair on the roller above it. Very good! You really are good at this. Use the other comb to comb the hair straight out nice and smooth. Don't forget the setting lotion, and now, put in the next roller."

"Madge, this boy of yours is simply amazing. He's doing so well maybe he will grow up to be a hairdresser- just like his Mommie," Arlene sarcastically said.

"Maybe, Sis, you never know. I could sure use some help from time to time at work. But, he is only thirteen, you know," Madge answered.

"I'm telling you, he's got a natural ability to do hair. He's better at doing your hair than any girl his age would be," Arlene affirmed.

In a short while Wendell had one more roller to place at the bottom of his Mother's hairline.

"Here, honey, use this curler at the bottom. It's much smaller than the other ones and it will give my hair a tighter curl down there. That will give my finished hairdo a little extra lift," the boy's Mother explained. "It's also a little more comfortable when I sleep," she added.

Wendell put the last curler in at his Mother's hairline and asked, "What do I do next Auntie?"

"I'll show you, honey. You are such a good boy to set your Mother's hair," Arlene complimented as she grabbed the large banana clip on the back of Wendell's head and tugged it a little.

Arlene sectioned Madge's hair in the back right upper corner of her head and placed the next roller there.

"Oh, I see, Auntie, you just go straight down to the bottom," the boy excitedly said.

"That's right, baby doll. It might get a little tight because you Mommie's hairline starts to narrow behind her ear. You may have to angle to the rollers just a little so they fit," Arlene advised holding a roller at and angle to demonstrate.

"I understand, Auntie. I can do it," Wendell said and continued to set his Mother's hair until all that was left were two large sections of hair at her temples.

"Wendell, now put two rollers on each side and I'll tell you what I want done next," Arlene said with a firm tone in her voice.

Wendell completed the task efficiently. "Now, what Auntie?

"Let's put these last smaller rollers in at the bottom but leave a little section here and here," she said pointing to Madge's temples.

"What for Auntie?" Wendell asked.

"The smaller rollers at the bottom will give your Mother's hair some extra curl around her face. Now, just be a good boy and do as you're told, Wendy," she said emphasizing the name 'Wendy' just to antagonize the situation.

"Arlene, please!" Madge said feeling protective of the boy.

"We're going to put one small roller in here and on the other side," Arlene demonstrated as she held a small plastic roller vertically at Madge's right temple. "That way, your Mommie will have some cute little tendrils to accentuate her hairdo tomorrow, " she explained.

Wendell didn't know what tendrils were but did as he was told. He needed help with the last two vertical rollers that would create the tendrils and his Aunt Arlene was happy to do so.

"There Madge, you're all 'set'," Arlene said using the double entendre. "Where's your hair net?"

It's in there somewhere. I have to use the brown one for this set. The pink one isn't big enough." Madge explained.

Madge took the brown hair net and started to cover her set when Arlene stopped her. "No, Madge, let's go into the bathroom with your hand mirror. I want you to see how good a job your little Wendell did setting your hair," Arlene said.

The boy's mother and aunt went off to the bathroom so Madge could examine her set.

"I put in this one and this one," Arlene said pointing to the two rollers at the top front. I also put in this one," tapping the roller at the upper rear right top corner. "And, I did the tendrils, of course." Arlene said as Madge examined the perfection of her set. "But, Madge, your little fairy-boy did the rest," Arlene said as she jabbed with her words.

"He did such a good job. Pretty amazing, I'd say," Madge said ignoring the 'fairy-boy' comment and patting her roller set. She felt that she wanted to compliment Wendell even though he was still in the kitchen.

The two women returned to the kitchen and Madge put on her hair net stretching it tight over her set. She then went to her son, pulled him into her breast, hugged him and said, "Thank you so much for doing Mommie's hair, Wendell. It's just perfect!" She hugged him again putting her fingers into the back of his hair tightly held by the banana clip.

"Arlene, we forgot about Wendell's hair. I hope it's not too late..." Madge said with concern taking the banana clip out of Wendell's twisted up hair.

"I was afraid of that. Some of his hair is almost dry," Madge said as she unwound Wendell's hair from the twist at the crown of his head. "He'll never get the ridges out from that clip unless he washes it again."

"Oh, please, Mommie, don't wash my hair again," Wendell pleaded.

"There is another alternative," Madge suggested. "Sit in one of the counter top stools and let me sort your hair out," the boy's mother said pointing to one of the two white stools in the kitchen where Wendell often ate his breakfast. She thought it would be easier to work on Wendell's hair if he were a little higher than if he sat in the chair at the dinette table she used while having her hair set.

"Mom, what are you going to do?" Wendell asked as he sat down and his mother sprayed his hair liberally with plain water.

"We need to straighten these kinks from the clip that was in your hair, Wendell." Madge went on to explain, "I know this will be a little different for you but you've really had quite a 'hair day' today and seemed to enjoy it. I thought you might like to experience having your own hair set in rollers. What do you think?" she asked.

"Mom, I don't think..." Wendell started to say but lost the rest of his words.

"Come on, honey, don't forget that you've had a roller in your hair for almost two hours. Why don't you let your hairdresser Mom set the rest to finish the job? I think you'll enjoy the experience," Arlene assured knowing that she would just love to see if her nephew was enough of a sissy to sit and have his hair completely set in curlers.

"Come on, sweetie, let me continue with your set. If at any time you want me to stop, I'll stop. You just say the word," the boy's mother said tenderly. "Deal?" she asked.

"O.K. Mom, deal. I guess it will be all right," Wendell said cautiously. "Promise that no one will laugh at me," Wendell added.

"Oh, we won't. I promise," Madge said to her son as she glanced at the boy's Aunt Arlene and made eye contact with her. "Promise? I want to hear you say it, Sis," Madge urged looking at her sister.

"I swear I won't make fun of you, Wendy," Arlene said. "Sorry, Wendell. I won't say a word," Arlene added.

Madge started by taking the roller pin out of the roller that Wendell had in his hair and unwound it. This lock of hair was completely dry and sprang into a perfectly formed curl when she released it. It was almost as if the lock of hair had been on the roller for a day instead of just the last two hours.

Madge thought to herself while she smiled broadly, "This is going to be so much fun! His hair looks like it will hold a set really well. And, I'm sure his hair would hold a set even better if he let me give him a permanent!" Madge sprayed the lock of curled hair with her setting lotion, ran her comb through it, put it back on the curler and rolled it back down tight.

"Mommie, what are you doing!?" Wendell complained.

"Honey, I want to make sure all of the rollers are set the same. So, I re-rolled the roller you've had in your hair. Now, I'm going to do only what we just agreed I would do. Do you want me to stop?" Madge asked.

Wendell replied with silence. "Putting your hair up in rollers will just give your hair some nice body and straighten out these kinks in your hair. It'll turn out great, you'll see," Madge comforted knowing that Wendell's hair was being set in a pattern that would allow it to be style it in a cute little bouffant flip.

Madge sectioned a rectangular lock of hair behind the roller that she had just re-set in Wendell's hair just above his forehead. She picked up a one inch diameter brush roller to match the one he already had in his hair and, after liberally spraying it with setting lotion, quickly wound the lock of hair down to the boy's scalp and secured it with a large roller pin.

Ever since Wendell started growing his hair long, his Mother had secretly wanted to try a feminine hairstyle on him but had resisted the thought. After all, she was a hairdresser and he now had this beautiful head of long, naturally wavy auburn hair. His father always insisted that Wendell keep his hair boyishly short. Now, with Wendell's father out of the picture, the first thing he did was let his hair grow out. Why shouldn't she let him be free to experience whatever feminine tendencies he might have?

When he was little, too little to remember she hoped, she had set Wendell's hair a few times. When one of her instructors quit, she needed to practice using perm rods, which she never used on herself. So, Wendell became her hair model. Once, for fun, she even set his hair in pin curls and had him sleep with his hair up in the criss-crossed Bobbie pins. She had to wash out the luscious waves from the pin curl set before his father returned from the overnight business trip he was on although it pained her to do so. Shortly thereafter and much to her dismay, Wendell's father had his hair cut short.

Now, things were certainly different. Wendell was resigned that his Mother would have her way with his hair and he sat quietly with his hands in the lap of his apron as his Mother continued to put his hair up in her rollers. Arlene was anything but passive as she moved about the kitchen watching her nephew being treated to such a girlish experience. If the truth were known, her juices were flowing so much the crotch of her pants had a little wet spot as her panties couldn't contain all of the wetness. She decided to sit down at the counter next to her nephew to avoid embarrassment.

"Auntie Arlene, you promised," Wendell pleaded.

"You've got me all wrong, sweetie," Arlene quickly said to put the boy at ease. Then continued, "Wendell, everyone in this world is a little different. I'm a full fledged woman and women usually like their hair long or at least feminine and pretty. I decided that I want my hair short. When I left beauty school to go to college to study business law, I knew I was entering a field dominated by men. Men look at feminine women as an object, so I thought I would have my hair buzzed. It's so easy to take care of and it levels the playing field in the world of business," the boy's aunt explained. "Do you think that having short hair makes me weird or something?" she asked.

"No, I think you're nice," Wendell said to his aunt as his Mother finished rolling the back of his hair. He now had a 'Mohawk' row of rollers from his forehead to the nape of his neck.

"So, if you wanted your hair really short, there would be nothing wrong with that." Arlene felt Wendell was tensing up so quickly added, "And I don't see anything wrong with you having long hair if that's what you want. If my nephew wants to enjoy what God gave him growing right out of his own head, then he should be able to. Right?"

"I guess so," Wendell said hoping his aunt would continue with her encouragement.

"Your Mom's got beautiful hair and you were blessed with the same hair. Your Mom keeps her hair long and always has. She loves to curl it, style it, brush it and generally play with it. And, she likes to fuss with anybody else's hair that will sit still for her. When your Mother was in beauty school learning to be a hairdresser, she set my hair more times than I can count. I hated it. Having my hair set was a real pain but I loved the sisterly time your Mother and I spent. I would say that the reason we are so close today is because we spent so much time together while she was rolling my hair. We even entered beauty school together. Then, I decided to drop out and because it was just a little too prissy for me."

"Wendell, I'm going to swivel your stool so I can do the right side of your hair," Madge explained turning him so was facing his Auntie Arlene.

"Wendell, I'm so happy you decided to let your Mom do this. You look so cute!" Arlene exclaimed.

"Mom … Auntie … I … uhh …Mom … " Wendell uttered and then started to cry.

"Honey! What's wrong! Wendell, please, I'm so sorry … " Madge leaned over and hugged her son. "Please, honey, talk to Mommie, please. I'll take these rollers out of your hair right away. Don't you worry about a thing," Madge frantically said as she turned his stool and took the roller pin out of the bottom roller she had just placed.

"Nooooo!" he screamed as he continued to sob uncontrollably. Madge quickly slid the roller pin back in not knowing what else to do.

"What sweetie, what?! Please, what do you want Mommie to do … Please stop crying, please! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Tell your Mommie what you want," Madge tried to comfort her son with tears in her own eyes.

Wendell finally calmed down a little and uttered, "Mommie, I … uhh, Mommie, … it's just that … I've … I've wanted you to do this to my hair for such a long time," and he started crying again.

"Oh, my sweet boy!" Madge exclaimed with joy. "I had no idea! I should have known! I'm so insensitive sometimes," Madge said apologetically. "You should have told me, honey. Why didn't you ever tell me," she asked as he continued to calm himself.

Arlene was physically as close to this scene as she could be but was clearly on the outside looking in on this touching display between Mother and son. As tough as Arlene was outwardly, this scene touched her heart to the point that tears welled up in her eyes. She remained silent.

Wendell tried to continue to explain but every time he started the right words just wouldn't come out. His Mother was anxious to hear what he had to say and decided to try to draw the words out of him.

"Wendell sweetie, I'm glad you're enjoying having your hair set. I have always enjoyed having my hair up in rollers. When my hair is set, I feel so secure somehow. Is that it sweetie?" Madge asked. "How does it make you feel?"

"I don't know, Mommie. I enjoy you combing my hair- that feels good. And, I like the smell of that stuff," Wendell said referring to the setting lotion. "But, I really like it because it makes me feel so … so…" trying to look for the right word he tried to continue.

"Girlish," Arlene interjected.

"Is that it honey? You like having your hair set in rollers because it makes you feel like a girl?" the boy's Mother asked.

Wendell started to cry again. As he sobbed like a little girl, he said incoherently. "Shelly gets to …(sob) … and she plays baseball better than I do … and …(sob) … her Mom sets her … " Wendell was completely distraught and couldn't say another word.

"What about Shelly, honey. Are you jealous of her when her Mother fixes her hair?" Madge asked. "Is that what you're saying, sweetie? Is that it?" Madge asked in astonishment.

Wendell was starting to calm down now and was able to say through his tears, "I get to see her sometimes after … and her hair … her hair … is … so … so pretty. Her curls just spring up and down when she walks. I want my hair to do that," and he started to cry again.

"Don't you cry, baby. Mommie will make it all better. Just stop crying and sit quietly so Mommie can finish your hair. Here, you can hand me the rollers. That's my sweet boy. Mommie will fix your hair any way you want," Madge comforted.

Wendell sat quietly now as his mother finished setting his hair. When she secured the last roller in place, much to Arlene's amazement, Madge decided to see how far Wendell could be pushed toward his newly revealed feminine side.

"Wendell, your hair is now completely set on rollers. That should make you happy. You know my hair dryer is broken and we're sure not going down to the shop to dry our hair. So, you'll have to sleep in rollers tonight," Madge affirmed. "Is that all right?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, Mommie, please," he softly said.

"Now, let's get a hair net on you to keep your set in place," Madge said as she took the remaining bright pink net from her curler box. "Here, now. Your head is smaller than mine and your rollers are smaller than the ones you used to set my hair. This net should fit," she commented.

Madge stretched the heavily woven bright pink net over her son's set hair and secured it in the back with a Bobbie pin.

"There, sweetie, all done. Do you feel better now?" Madge asked.

"Yes, Mommie, yes," was all he could say.

Madge took her son by the hand and stood him up. She quickly had the fingers of her hands wrapped around the boy's roller covered head and pulled his head into her breast. She held it firmly there with one hand and hugged him with the other. "Now, now, Wendell, you can have your hair set anytime you want. Mommie is happy to do that for you. There's no need for tears," she said kissing the top of his rollers and nurturing her son. Then she added, "Don't be disappointed in your hair tomorrow. Your hair will be very cute but it won't have the ringlets that you admire so much on Shelly. I'll need some different rollers and we'll use a different setting pattern for that style. Soon, my baby, soon."

"Now, let's get that apron off of you and get you ready for bed. You must be exhausted," Madge coaxed.

She untied bow of the apron, helped him out of it, and gasped. "Wendell! The back of your tee-shirt is torn and filthy! How did this happen?" Madge asked.

"Shelly pushed me down when we were playing this afternoon," Wendell explained.

"That girl! She makes me so mad sometimes. Well, your shirt is ruined. And, now you need a bath!" Madge exclaimed. "What a sight you make!" Madge added smiling and patting him on his curler covered head. "We may never get to bed tonight," she lamented.

"I'll run the bath water. You just come with me," the boy's mother ordered as she led him to the bathroom.

As the tub started to fill, Madge added some of her most fragrant bubble bath. She also decided to pour in some of her best bath oil. As the tub was filling, Madge realized that she would never get Wendell's tee-shirt over his hair rollers. She left him in the bathroom as she went to retrieve her scissors. When she returned, it startled Wendell when he saw the scissors.

"Don't worry, little one, Mommie's just going to cut your tee-shirt off. No, hold still. It's ruined anyway so you can't wear it again," Madge explained as she cut the shirt from its bottom edge to the neckline. "One more thing. We'll need to protect your hair. We don't want it getting wet and ruining the set," Madge said as she pulled her pink frilled shower cap out of the cabinet. After she stretched the shower cap over Wendell's carefully set hair she ordered, "Now get those shorts and your undies off and get in that tub!"

Wendell obeyed and lowered his shorts but gave his mother a look not wanting to take off his underwear and expose himself.

"I've seen you naked hundreds of times," she said although she knew she hadn't for several years.

Wendell certainly didn't want to upset his mother at this stage. He had a day like no other in his life and wanted the feeling of close bond with his mother to continue so he lowered his under shorts.

"Wendell, let me have those dirty things," she said as she looked at his little manhood. She was amazed at how small his penis still was and she smiled. He lowered himself into the fragrant bath water feeling very much as ease now that his nakedness was hidden from view. Wendell was embarrassed as his Mother started to bathe him. This was not unusual when he was little. But, for several years now he had been cleansing himself in the shower. Madge gave only a passing thought to the sparse hair on his legs and underarms. "Would she be removing that hair from her sissy son sometime soon?" she wondered.

Then, it occurred to her that hadn't heard from her sister, Arlene, in the last half hour. Madge didn't even know where she was in the house. It also occurred to her that Wendell didn't have anything to wear to bed. He only wore tee-shirts to bed and none of them would fit over his hair rollers. She would ask Arlene for advice.

"Wendell, you soak in the tub for a bit and don't you dare get your head wet. I'll be right back," Madge said.

"Arlene, I need some help," Madge said as she approached her sister, still sitting in the kitchen. "Nothing of Wendell's will fit over his rollers. I thought that maybe he should …" Madge was searching for words.

"Wear something more suitable," Arlene completed her sister's sentence.

"Well, yes. Do you think that's weird?" Madge asked.

"Not at all. You must have a nightgown or at least a nightshirt with a wide neck that will fit him," Arlene responded.

"You don't think that might make him uncomfortable?" Madge asked.

"Heavens no. He's sitting in the tub right now with his hair up in rollers. I'm guessing you put some perfumed bath oil in the water. Did he complain?" she asked not waiting for an answer. "He just helped me shampoo you and then he set your hair. He cried like a little girl trying to tell you he was jealous of the neighbor girl's ringlets. That's the same girl that pushed him down today. My guess is that he is a little submissive, you know, intimidated by women. Just go get something pretty for him to wear from your room and explain why he has to wear it. Just tell him that he has to wear it to bed and I'll bet he won't argue," Arlene coerced.

Madge went to her room and found a fairly plain peach cotton nightshirt. It had a large scoop neck that would work practically. She thought it would be more like a long nightgown on the 13 year old boy. Would he notice the small rose decoration sewn into the center of the neckline? She thought about how cute it was. What would she do about undies? No, she couldn't … could she?

"Come on Wendell, let's get you out of the tub," Madge said to her son. "Let me get you dried off," she said as he stepped onto the bath mat.

"I know you'll like this fluffy towel I brought for you. No, let me do it. It's best to pat your skin dry instead of rubbing. That's right. It's better for your skin. Just put your arms up so I can dry you there. Now, your legs," she said as she knelt down to dry Wendell's slender legs.

"Oh my" she said looking straight ahead at Wendell's little manhood. The sight of his mother kneeling down in front of him and the view of her hair rollers made him stir.

"You dry your little boy thing, Wendell," his Mother said smiling at its diminutive size- even when a little erect. "Get all dry in between your legs. That's good," she furthered. "Let's get a little of this powder on you, honey. You'll like this," she said as she patted him with her perfumed powder. She dabbed her powder puff in its container and handed it to him saying, "You do your little guy down there."

"You smell so sweet! Here, this is what I want you to wear to bed," she said holding up the peach nightshirt.

"Mom, I don't think that …" he said.

"You have to wear something and this is all there is. None of your tee- shirts will fit over your curlers. We could take your hair down but that would be a shame," Madge said still holding her nightshirt. "Put your arms up!" she said and Wendell instantly raised his hands.

Madge carefully slipped the armholes over his hands and then the large neckline over his head of rollers. She then let it slip down over his body. She felt a surge of excitement seeing him so feminine and vulnerable.

"I'll go get some underwear out of my room," Wendell said.

"No, that wouldn't be right, honey. I brought you these," Madge said holding up a plain white control pantie. Plain except for the little frilled edge around the leg holes. "I've never worn these. I made a mistake and bought a size too small so they should fit you just fine," she said with confidence. Madge knelt down once again in front of her son. "Step in, honey. We haven't got all night," Madge said as she helped him into the pantie and pulled it up.

"There, you're finally all ready for bed. Oh, one more thing. Come into my bedroom," Madge said.

As they entered the bedroom, Madge said, "I think they are in this dresser drawer. Yes, here they are. I bought these for your Grandma last Christmas and they were too small for her. You can wear them. They even have your initial on them, 'W' for 'Wilma' and also for 'Wendell'." Madge handed Wendell a brand new pair of Dearfoam Embroidered Slippers, petal pink, size 6. Madge took the slippers back from Wendell and removed the tags. He sat on his Mother's bed and she watched as he pulled them on his feet. "Small feet, small … " she giggled quietly. "Here, you can wear this too. It will make your sleep more comfortable," Madge said as she slipped her pink frilly slumber bonnet over Wendell's rollers. Then added, "I'll even lend you this special pillow. It helps keep your head off the pillow and allows air to help dry your set. It makes it so much more comfortable to sleep in rollers." She then explained. "I want you to enjoy your first night's sleep with your hair set."

"Let's go say goodnight to your Auntie," Madge took her curlered son by the hand and started to lead him out of the bedroom.

"Can't I just go to my room and go to bed?" Wendell urgently asked tugging his hand back from his Mother.

"That wouldn't be very polite, would it?" the boy's Mother said. "You march down that hall, young … lady!" the boy's Mother said.

Arlene heard the commotion from the hall and headed there. Entering the hallway, she turned the light on.

"My, what a pretty young girl you make!" Arlene exclaimed. The feminine boy was trapped between his Mother and his Aunt. Looking down at his slippers, he started to blush.

"Sweetie, you look adorable! Don't be embarrassed, you're a total doll. Come and let your Auntie give you a hug," Arlene insisted. She hugged the boy tightly and was taken by the scent of the dusting powder. "You smell sweet, too, baby. What is that scent?" she asked.

"I don't know!" Wendell exclaimed

"It's 'Beautiful' by Estee Lauder. Don't you just love it?" Madge answered.

"Sweet scent for a sweet boy," Arlene added.

"I'm absolutely beat but I want tell Wendell something and I want you to hear it, Sis. Let's go into the family room and talk," Madge said taking charge of the situation.

Once seated, Madge began to talk. "I don't want to be interrupted by either one of you. I have something important that I want you both to hear. A lot has happened today. Wendell, I had no idea … shush! she said as he started to speak. "I want you to know that, first of all, I love you. That will never change. Second, I have no clue what's going on in your head. But, I want to make one thing clear," she stopped to think for a moment. "I don't want to ever do anything that will hurt you or upset you. When I'm finished telling you this, we're all going to bed. When you get up tomorrow, I want you to decide what's best for you. If you want, you can come to breakfast as you are. Or, you can take your hair down, shower and come to breakfast as if nothing happened today out of the ordinary. In fact, you can take your hair down and shower right now and wear a tee-shirt and your own shorts to bed if that's what you want. It's completely up to you and no one will say a thing. If, in the future, you want grow your hair down to your waste and wear it in a style like you were going to the prom; that's fine. If you want me to help you set your hair or otherwise explore the feminine side of life, I will also help you with that. Do you understand?" Madge asked.

He simply nodded his head.

"Good. And, do you understand, sister dear? Madge asked addressing Arlene.

"Yes, Ma'am" Arlene answered.

"Good night, Mother," Wendell said. And they all went to bed.