His Mother's Hair, Part 1b

by: Melissa Anne Curling 
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Synopsis:Wendy continues to develope his budding femininity under the watchful eye of his mother, Madge and his Auntie Arlene.
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His Mother's Hair, Part Ib

By Melissa Anne Curling

No one in the household slept soundly that night. Wendell, his Mother, and his Auntie Arlene were all tossing and turning instead of sleeping. They all had different aspects of the events of the previous day and evening on their minds. Poor Wendell's mind was full of worry and excitement and, for the first time he was trying to sleep with his hair up in rollers.

Arlene had arrived the earlier that day for what she thought would be a relaxing visit with her sister, Madge, and her nephew, Wendell. Instead she had witnessed an amazing, and, for her, sexually charged scene lasting several hours. In a short time, Wendell went from a typical boy with longer than normal and somewhat unruly hair, to, at least in appearance, a feminine looking young teenage girl. 'She' went to bed wearing his Mother's nightshirt with his hair put up in rollers. And, to top it all off, his Mother's pink curler bonnet covered his roller set. This intrigued Arlene and definitely exited her.

Her divorce from her macho husband was final months ago, and now, in the quiet of her bed in the guest room, she ached for the touch of her new paramour. The new woman in her life was a lovely but forceful woman that she met on the Internet. Her mind wandered back months ago to their meeting and first intimacy together. Shortly after their second torrid love making session she was led to her lover's barber chair and her rich brown locks were clippered away from her head. She thought about her new girlfriend and the excitement of being forced to get her haircut and how it led her to a shattering orgasm in the barber chair while the clippers buzzed over her head. She reached up and ran her fingers through her close cropped head and moaned as she thought of her barberette and her clippers. It made her instantly wet.

She also thought of her own son, Jimmy. She wouldn't think of pushing him in the direction that his cousin Wendell seemed to willingly be going in. She laughed at the thought of such a thing. Jimmy was 'all boy' and kept his hair in almost a crew cut. Sports were his thing and there wasn't a girlish bone in his body.

Then Arlene thought of Wendell. She certainly had a hand in the direction the day had taken. She easily coerced Wendell into brushing and braiding his Mother's hair. But, that was only the beginning of her fun. Eventually, she had him helping with her shampoo, and then, even had him in a frilly apron putting his Mother's hair up in rollers. While Arlene was decidedly submissive with her new lesbian lover, she had a dominant streak when it came to males. Her son was off limits in her complicated psyche but every other male was fair game.

In fact, she thought about her secretary, Andrew. He was a doll in his own right and she admired his subtle femininity. She loved to watch him prance in wearing his tight cut pocketless trousers and silky shirts. She smiled to herself thinking that some of his tops had buttons on the left, some on the right. Even his shoes matched that little purse he always carried. Especially on Mondays, he would come in with a little extra wave in his hair. Yes, she loved having a swishy male secretary. From time to time, she would refer to him as 'Ann' shortening his name from 'Andrew' and he never said a word.

Earlier that evening, she managed to also put a roller in Wendell's hair. She thought back to supervising him while she taught him to set his Mother's hair. These thoughts brought her fingers down between her legs. As she started to quietly satisfy herself, she thought about Wendell and how he sat so patiently in his apron while his Mother put his hair up in rollers. The thought of his Mother winding the rollers down to his head and securing them with large roller pins brought her body to a fulfilling orgasm. It was by now late into the night and she was finally able to drift off to a sound sleep until the morning light would awaken her.

In the master bedroom down the hall, Wendell's Mother, Madge, had her own thoughts keeping her from sleep. It was late when they went to bed and she fell asleep quickly but woke a couple of hours later. When she awoke, her thoughts immediately turned to her son. He had been so passive that afternoon and evening. She couldn't ever get him to help with the housework because he said it was 'girl's work' and a few hours ago he was happily helping brushing, braiding, shampooing and setting her hair. And, he wore a frilly apron through most of the process. She thought about how he didn't strongly object to anything that occurred. He didn't fuss; he just went along while he helped with her hair. He even went along when she suggested that he let her put his own hair up in curlers and then confessed that he wanted her for a long time to do it! She wondered what Wendell did do after he went to his room to retire. She told him he could take his hair down and shower. She didn't hear the shower running so she assumed he still had her brush rollers in his hair and was wearing her nightie. She also assumed he was in a deep sleep across the hall but she was wrong.

She thought about how she had always wanted a daughter but was deprived of that joy. She thought about how she loved having a son. He was gentle and kind but not like other boys. He wasn't at all athletic. She didn't care. He was a good boy.

As she rolled from one side of the bed to the other adjusting her pillow to make the curlers in her hair more comfortable for sleep, she thought about her sister's words before dinner in the kitchen. Arlene had called Wendell a sissy. Was Wendell really a sissy? She couldn't argue too strongly that he wasn't. After all that had happened that day, he wasn't exactly a 'boy's boy' - that's for sure. He didn't play or even like sports. The girl next door was a close friend and a year younger than he was and she pushed him down and he tore his shirt. Did he fight back? She was sure he didn't. And, then there was the visit to his Grandmother's. Knitting? Cleaning her house? Oh, my.

Madge thought about how small he was 'down there' and wondered if that was part of all of this. How would he even know that he was under endowed? There was no way he could be aware of that! It bothered her to think about it so her thoughts went elsewhere.

"Oh God, my son is a sissy," she said out loud into the darkness of the room. There, she thought, she had admitted it to herself. She had met plenty of sissies in her days as a beautician. She had two effeminate men working for her at her beauty college. She had countless more enroll there since she opened the college. She liked having sissies around. They were neat and clean and very girlish, and always seemed so willing to please. She loved that about them. Would Wendell want to go to beauty college after he finished high school or even before? She could easily picture him in her class.

She looked at the clock and saw that it was 3:30 A.M. She couldn't wait until morning to find out if Wendell was now as he was when she last saw him. She decided to get up and check on her boy. She walked quietly down the hall and slowly opened Wendell's bedroom door. He was lying in bed facing away from the door but she could see enough in the dim light from the hall light fixture behind her that he was at least still wearing her curler bonnet. As she started to close the door, she heard a faint voice, "Mommie?" she thought she heard.

She entered Wendell's dimly lit room and walked quietly to the side of Wendell's bed. She thought about how he still slept with a night light and smiled. She noticed her shadow on the wall and with the curlers in her hair it was quite a sight and she tried to cower down. She didn't want to scare her boy if she woke him up. To her surprise, he rolled over and reached out for her. Madge knelt down by her son's bed and put her arms out to hug him. The curlers in her hair met his so it was a very awkward hug. They giggled and adjusted their heads to make room for the rollers and he pulled her close hugging her tightly. His hug was so firm around her neck that it began to hurt her.

"Wendell, honey, what's the matter? Tell Mommie what's wrong. Did you have a bad dream?" she whispered hoping he would loosen his grip on her.

Wendell kept hugging his Mother tightly and started to whimper.

"Here, honey, sit up. Let your old Mom hold you," Madge said pulling her son up from the pillow. She sat down sideways across the bed, moved her bottom back and leaned against the wall. She pulled her curler headed boy across her lap and held him in her arms with his face up and his head against her breasts.

"Mommie ... Mommie, why ... why am ... why am I like this?" he finally said and quietly started to sob.

"Like what Wendell?" she said trying to avoid the obvious nature of his question.

He continued to cry in her arms.

"Oh, sweetie, please don't cry. We've had so many tears today. It'll be all right. Don't worry, it'll be all right- I promise. You aren't doing anything wrong," Madge comforted not really knowing what to say. "What's wrong baby? Why is all of this bothering you so much? Tell Mommie what's really wrong," Madge begged.

"Mommie," he paused, "why do I like this so much?" he finally said putting his hand up to the rollers in his hair. "I just don't understand."

"The curlers in your hair?" she asked cautiously.

"Yes. Why did I want you to put these things in my hair? Why does it make me feel so funny down in my tummy? Why Mommie? Please tell me. Why?" Wendell pleaded quietly.

"Do you still like having those curlers in your hair, sweetie? Tell Mommie how you feel right now. It's important," she replied.

"Yes, I guess so. I think I do," he sheepishly said.

"I need to know exactly how you feel about all of this. In fact, maybe it would be easier if we take the rollers out of your hair. Then, maybe we can talk a little easier because you won't be so distracted. Here, sit up and let's get all of this stuff off of your head," Madge said starting to take the curler bonnet off the side of her son's head that was closest to her.

"Please, Mamma, no! Please ... " Wendell said firmly.

"I think I just got my answer, honey," Madge said replacing the curler bonnet back down over his curlers. She pulled him back down to her breast and went on to explain, "Sweetie, everyone in this world is a little different. People come in all shapes and sizes and their brains all work differently. There are boys out there that are rough, tough sports type guys and there are others that are more ... delicate," she said having to pause for a moment because she didn't want to use the word 'sissy'. "There are girls that grow up to be ladies like me. You know- feminine, wear dresses most of the time, love to fix their hair, and love to run a home. I have to work but I work in a very feminine profession. Some of us are even downright prissy. Your Aunt Arlene; on the other hand, is a little more ... masculine. She cuts her hair short; rarely, if ever, wears make up; wears slacks and a jacket to work and is employed as a corporate attorney. Take a look at Shelly next door. I'll bet when she is a little older her pretty curls will disappear and she'll be going out for her school soccer team- (or joining the Army, she thought privately). And, I'll bet someday she'll be the captain of her team."

"What about me, Mamma? What kind of boy am I? What kind of boy wants curlers in his hair? I enjoyed being at Grandma's house and helping her. She made me the prettiest apron and it made me feel so good to wear it. When Shelly pushed me down and I didn't fight her back she called me a 'sissy'. She's called me that before. What does that mean Mommie? What is a 'sissy'?" Wendell asked.

"Has anyone else called you that name, honey?" Madge asked while she ran her fingers over her son's roller set and protectively rocked him back and forth gently against her breast.

"My friends call me that sometimes," he volunteered. "They say I'm a sissy because I don't play sports. Lot's of people don't play sports. Most of the girls at school don't play sports. Are they sissies, Mamma?" he asked.

"No, honey. Girls are just girls. A girl can't be a sissy. Only a boy can be a sissy. Sometimes girls can be girlish girls and sometimes they can be tomboys but they can't be sissies. You know what a tomboy is? Like Shelly," Madge explained.

"What about me, Mommie? Am I a sissy?" he innocently asked.

"I think if you look up the word 'sissy' in the dictionary, you'll find that a sissy is an effeminate man or boy. Effeminate means that you are feminine- that you act like a woman or, in your case, a girl. Wendell, honey, I heard from a certain someone that you like to knit, I know you enjoyed doing your Mother's hair, and you even enjoyed having your own hair put up in rollers. Tell me about the nightshirt and the panty that you are wearing. How do they make you feel?"

"I guess they make me fell nice. Your nightie is very soft Mother and I love the smell of your clothes. They smell like you. So, yes, I guess I enjoy wearing your things," he answered.

"You are the sweetest boy I could ever have. You said that you 'guess' you enjoy wearing these clothes. Or do you truly enjoy it?" she asked emphasizing the word 'enjoy'. "See, there is a difference. I really need to understand how you feel about wearing my clothes and having your hair set, Wendell. Do you 'guess' you liked helping your Grandma do her housework while you were wearing your pretty apron? Or, did you truly enjoy wearing your apron and helping Grandma? I understand that you wore your apron not only when you helped her with the housework and when you worked on your knitting projects, but almost all of the time," Madge persevered.

"Yes, Mamma, I did wear it all of the time. It made me feel so ... so special. Mom, I really enjoy wearing your nightie and your panty," Wendell said firmly.

"Then, you know Wendell, I would have to say that you are a sissy. Understand that's not really a bad thing. It just means that your are a feminine boy. Sissy has come to be such a negative word and there's nothing negative about you- nothing at all. I want you to know that your Grandmother told me all about your visit." Madge added so Wendell would know there were no secrets.

"And tonight wasn't the first time you helped put curlers in a lady's hair, was it?" Madge asked.

"No, Mother, it wasn't. I helped Grandma set her hair but only a little," the boy admitted.

"That means you lied to your Auntie when you told her that you had never done that before. You know what happens when you lie, Wendell. Mommie gets angry and you get a spanking," Madge said without anger.

"Yes, Mamma, I know," Wendell said softly.

"Well, we'll have to deal with that tomorrow. Tell me, if I got your Grandma to make you an apron to wear here at home, would you like to wear it and help me with the housework?" Madge asked as her heart started to beat a little faster.

"Oh, yes, Mamma, I would. I would like that very much," the boy answered.

"Would you like to continue to help me with my hair, sweetie?" Madge said feeling now like her heart was pounding hard enough that her son might notice as his head was at her breast.

"Mamma, please, please let me keep helping you with your hair," Wendell softly begged.

"You know that you'll have to wear your apron when you do my hair, baby doll," Madge insisted.

"I'd like that, Mommie, I really would," Wendell affirmed.

"We have a lot to sort out, sweetie. There are lots and lots of things we need to talk about. First of all, I don't want you hiding the fact that you are a sissy, Wendell. That would make me uncomfortable, it's dishonest, and I want you to feel good about what you are. It's really important that you are happy and I'd like you to even be proud that you are a sissy. Do you understand what that means?" Madge asked.

"I'm not sure, Mamma. Please tell me," Wendell asked

"Well, for starters, I think we should start fixing your hair in a girlish way and you can wear it in a girlish style all of the time. You know that curls in your hair, ribbons, barrettes, and even braids would tell everyone that you really are a sissy. In fact, when I do your hair the next time, I think you'll end up with some pretty little ringlets," Madge tested.

"Like Shelly's hair?" Wendell asked.

"Yes, like Shelly's" Madge said.

"Oh, I'd like that, Mommie," Wendell murmured as he smiled

"Don't be disappointed because your ringlets just won't hang down as far as Shelly's because your hair isn't that long yet. But don't worry about that, we'll let your hair grow to be as long as you want it to be. So, anyway, in the next day or so, you will have ringlets," she confirmed. "Now, you'll have to be a good boy and you'll have to ask me nicely to do that for you," she added wanting to be sure that when the time comes it will be of his choosing.

"I will, Mommie, I will," Wendell said softly.

"So, you understand that from now you will always have a very girlish hairstyle. That will be very nice. You will have to be willing to go out of the house or to the store or to the mailbox with your hair in curls or even curlers and you'll get a lot of name calling from the kids in the neighborhood," his Mother warned.

"I don't care, Mommie. As long as I don't have to fight them because I don't want to ever be in a fight," the effeminate boy explained.

"Don't worry about that, sweetie. I'll protect you from any fighting. Wendell, since we are in agreement that you are a sissy and we aren't going to hide it anymore, we should start this stage in your life off with a clean slate. I want to take care of this lying business right now so we don't have to think about it again. Why don't you sit up for a minute," Madge asked. She then scooted away from the wall and sat on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor. "Come here, Wendell, lay face down with your middle across Mommie's lap," Madge instructed.

"Why, Mommie, why?" he asked.

"I am going to give you a little spanking for lying. Now, pull your nightie up and come here," Madge said pulling his arm toward her and across her lap. Wendell pulled his nightgown up exposing the panty he was wearing as he was positioned across his Mother's knees. Madge balanced her son's weight until she was comfortable.

"There, that's good. Just be still for a moment Wendell," Madge whispered as she took in the sight of her girlish son. Her son's peach nightshirt was up around his waist exposing the control pantie she had put him in. His hair was up in brush rollers and he had a pretty pink curler bonnet covering his set. She had her left arm wrapped over him securing him to her lap. Her right hand had found its way to his pantie covered bottom and she started to gently caress him there. "I have an idea, honey. Instead of just letting your arms hang down like that, why don't you reach up and wrap your fingers around the rollers in your hair while I give you your little spanking," she suggested.

Wendell complied and his Mother said, "That's a good boy, hold your curlers just like that. Don't the rollers in your hair feel good, baby? Your hair is going to be so pretty tomorrow when I fix it for you- just like a pretty girl. You know, you have a really cute little bottom, honey. It's so nice and soft and it looks so pretty in Mommie's panty. I know you like having your Mommie do your hair. Do you like wearing panties, too? Are you going to be Mamma's panty boy and wear panties for her all of the time?" she asked.

"Oh Mommie ... " Wendell uttered.

"I know sissy, I know. We'll get you some nice panties of your very own. Won't that be nice," she teased as she rubbed her hand over his bottom.

Wendell started to rub himself against his Mother's leg and his Mother sharply said, "No, Wendell, there will be none of that! You've now earned four swats with my hand. Two for lying to your Auntie Arlene, one for not telling me a long time ago that you had these girlish feelings, and one for what you just tried to do to Mommie's leg. Now hold still!" Madge ordered and delivered the first little swat of her hand. She wondered if he even felt it. If the truth were known, that was her intention. "There, that's one," Madge counted in a business like tone while rubbing her son's bottom.

"Mother, my arms are getting tired," Wendell said cautiously.

"Just another minute, Wendell. Don't be such a sissy," Madge said and they both giggled at her words.

Madge gave her son three more quick but gentle little slaps on his bottom.

"There, all finished, honey. Let's get you up now," she said as she helped raise him up off of her lap. As he stood, his nightshirt fell back down to his knees. "Just don't forget to apologize to your Auntie for lying to her."

"I won't Mother, I promise," he said with a smile.

Wendell certainly didn't have any tears as Madge was only intending on getting her point about lying across to her son- not to hurt him. She didn't have the ability to hurt him in any way imaginable. She meant for Wendell's middle of the night spanking to be more of a symbolic gesture than anything else.

"Into bed you go, Wendell," Madge said pulling the covers back. Madge turned the light on in Wendell's room and stood beside the bed. "I'm just exhausted. Do you think you can sleep, honey?" she asked the now calm girlish boy reclining in his bed.

"I think so, Mamma," he answered. "I want you to go to sleep thinking about two things. Will you do that for me?" Madge asked as she covered her son with his blanket and bedspread.

"Of course, Mother," he replied.

"Your Grandmother is coming to visit us tomorrow afternoon. I want you to think about what you would like to wear with your new hairstyle. I want you to dress nice but you are going to have a very girlie hairstyle assuming that is what you still want to do when the morning comes. She might not understand if you are wearing rough boy clothes and have your hair looking pretty. Just so you know, when I take your curlers out and style your hair, it is going to be very full all around your head and have a little curly flip at the end all the way around. And, I'll probably put a little bow in your hair on the right side just to make it even prettier. It'll be really cute, you'll see," the boy's Mother said pointing at him with an exaggerated limp wrist.

"Yes, Mother," he obediently said.

Then she added, "And, the other thing I want you to think about is, when it is appropriate, I think it would be nice if you ask your Grandma to make you two new aprons to wear. I want you to tell her that you are going to start helping me around the house and that you will need them to do your housework. Is that understood?" Madge said with a firm tone.

"Yes, Mother, I promise I will," he said. His Mother leaned over and kissed his cheek as he closed his eyes hoping to drift off to sleep.

"Good night, pretty boy, good night," Madge said as she closed Wendell's door.

"Mother, one more thing, please," Wendell said.

"Yes, my sweet boy" Madge said going back to his bedside.

"Thank you, Mother. Thank you so much," he said softly.

"You are ever so welcome honey. Sweet dreams," Madge said.

As she closed his door, Madge was about to unravel thinking about what had just gone on. She almost ran down the hall to her room and closed the door behind her locking it. Wendell had just made it clear that he was willing to wear his hair in a very girlish style. Oh God, she loved the very thought of fixing his hair! He also let her know that he would be pleased to wear panties. This was all just happening too fast and it was so exciting for her. When he was across her lap and she said the words 'panty boy' to him, she thought she had a small orgasm.

She was primed for an intense sexual release and reached for the drawer containing her trusty vibrator so she could take care of her need. After doing so, she went to sleep.

That morning the sun shone brightly through the windows on the eastern side of the house. Madge woke up and heard those noises that told her there were others up ahead of her and wondered who. "What time was it anyway?" she thought. Then she gave thought to the time that she had spent with Wendell in the middle of night. "Was it all a dream?" Then she moved in her bed and realized she was lying on top of her vibrator. "God, that was the best orgasm I've had in a year," she thought still feeling a little bit randy.

Madge put on her summer robe and slippers and looked for a scarf to cover her rollers. When she looked in her scarf drawer, she saw a flowery print peach scarf and she thought about Wendell. "Why not?" she thought and she put the scarf into the pocket of her robe. She covered her rollers with a scarf that matched her robe and opened her bedroom door. The wonderful smell of brewed coffee immediately hit her senses. Now she was sure Arlene had been up before her. As she walked down the hall, the guest bathroom door opened abruptly.

"Hi Sis, did you sleep well?" Arlene asked her sister as she yawned her way out of the bathroom.

"Not bad. I had a long night. I'll have to tell you about it. Thanks for making the coffee. That was sweet of you," Madge said.

"I didn't make the coffee. Haven't been downstairs yet. Just let me take a quick shower and put my shorts and tank top on. I'll be right down," Arlene said as she headed for the guest bedroom.

Her curiosity regarding the coffee was mostly on her mind as she descended the stairs. Only a step into the kitchen, she stopped abruptly. The scene before her warmed her heart and to a certain extent, her womanhood. She smiled as she surveyed the room.

Wendell apparently was up before his Aunt and Mother and had been at work in the kitchen. He had organized Madge's entire selection of hair supplies and her curler basket from the night before as they had been left strewn about the kitchen table and counter. They were all neatly arranged at the end of the counter. He even had tidied up her curler basket arranging the remaining few rollers in the basket by size.

He, of course, was still attired in his Mother's peach nightshirt and curler bonnet. He had put the apron on that he had worn the night before during the hair setting marathon that went on for he and his Mother. The bow in the back was a mess but she just couldn't criticize the way he had it tied even though she thought about it. The apron was so large for him that it would have been difficult for him to tie a reasonable bow. And, in the scheme of things, it was so unimportant. She noticed that he even remembered to put on his new pink monogrammed slippers.

He had set the table for breakfast using place mats, her everyday dishes, napkins, silverware, juice glasses and coffee cups. The creamer and sugar bowl that matched the dishes were there although she rarely used them. He had made coffee and even had a pretty yellow rose in a bud vase on the table. This was a truly warm and wonderful scene.

"Wendell, you are such a doll! How did you do all of this? When on earth did you learn to make coffee?" Madge exclaimed.

"Mother, may I get you a cup?" he sweetly asked.

"That would be great, but I'll get it," Madge said as she went to give him a warm hug.

As they embraced, Wendell whispered in her ear, "Please Mother, please let me serve it to you, please."

"That would be fine, darling. But first let me do something for you. I want you to take off your curler bonnet. It's just for sleeping, you know," Madge explained reaching up and gently removing the pink ruffled covering.

"Oh ... " Wendell groaned sadly.

"Don't worry, baby. You can wear it again tonight. I thought you might like this," she said as she pulled the pretty peach scarf from her robe pocket.

"Oh Mother ... " he said softly.

"It's pretty, isn't it?" Madge said. "You can have it if you want it. It's a little too loud to wear out and about. But, I always liked to wear it over my rollers. It's so ... so ... " Madge stumbled for the right word and gestured with her hands.

"... feminine," Wendell finished his Mother's sentence.

"Yes, honey, feminine. That's the word. Let me show you how to wear it as a cover for your rollers. Now, I usually wear mine like this," Madge said pointing to the triangular scarf covering her head that was tied at her neck underneath the bottom curler in her hair.

"For your first time though, I thought you might like to wear it in the old fashioned way. This is the way your Grandma would have worn a scarf around her rollers to do housework. First we fold it in a triangle like this. That's the way I folded mine. But, now we'll put one more fold in here," Madge said folding the point of the triangle back to the single fold so it was in a sort of rectangular shape but with pointy ends. She then carefully picked up the silky scarf.

"Lean your head down, sweetie. Look at my slippers," Madge instructed. Wendell complied and his Mother wrapped the folded scarf around the back of his rollers pulling the ends of the scarf to his forehead.

"Now, we tie the ends across the top of the first two curlers, one more tie to keep it from unraveling and, ... there, we're done. We just have to take these loose ends and tuck them in here ... and in here and ... there you are! So pretty" she said as she held his curler covered head in her hands and kissed Wendell on the forehead.

She grabbed the large hand mirror from her curler box and handed it to Wendell. "Look sweetie, see how pretty the scarf is?" she asked. Without waiting for an answer she said, "See, the scarf is holding your rollers all the way around your head so they won't get mussed up. And, if you bend your head forward a little you can see in the mirror the rollers on the top of your head with the pretty pink hair net over them," she pointed out.

"Mother ... I ... " Wendell's voice cracked as he tried to talk.

"I thought you'd like being able to see the curlers on top when you look in the mirror," Madge said confidently. "Let me fix the bow in the back of your apron, honey. It's a mess," Madge said spinning her son around. Madge fixed the bow quickly and Wendell turned around. Realizing he couldn't get any words out, he went again to hug his Mother. He put his hands on her shapely hips and looked into her eyes and tears started to well up. But, this time they were tears of joy.

"Are you happy, honey?" Madge asked tenderly.

"So happy, Mother, very happy," and he gave her a tender hug. It was such a tender moment and defining gesture for their future.

With a tear in her own eye, Madge kissed him on the cheek and asked, "Where is it that you want me to sit?"

Wendell cleared his throat and said pointing, "Your place is always at the head of the table since you are the head of the house. So, you should sit there. Auntie Arlene should sit at the other end of the table since she is your sister and my Auntie. I'll just sit here on the side. If you need anything during breakfast, then I can get it for you," he explained.

Wendell helped his mother to her chair, got the coffee pot and served his mother a cup being careful not to spill a drop. Madge gave thought to the fact that his Grandmother had trained him well.

"So thoughtful. You are simply amazing. But you didn't answer my question. The coffee?" the boy's Mother asked while she prepared her coffee with a little creme and sugar.

"You and Grandma have the same coffee pot, remember Mommie? She bought it for you because you liked her coffee so much. Grandma taught me how to make coffee for her when I was there for my visit," Wendell proudly explained.

"It smells scrumptious," she smilingly said as she savored its bouquet and took her first sip. "Hmmm, honey this is sooo good! And you served it perfectly!" she added wanting to compliment her sissy son. "And how did you learn to do that" Madge asked.

"Serving coffee? Grandma taught me. One day I even got to serve coffee and cookies to Grandma and her neighbor friend, Mrs. Damson," Wendell nonchalantly said.

"You served the ladies?" Madge asked incredulously.

"Oh yes, Mother. Mrs. Damson came over one afternoon and she and Grandma had coffee and some cookies that Grandma and I had baked that morning. It was ever so much fun!" Wendell girlishly beamed.

"I have to ask Wendell, did you wear the apron that Grandma made for you when you served the ladies their coffee?" Madge asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Oh no, Mother. My work apron was dirty so Grandma had me wear one of her other ones," he explained.

"And?" Madge asked bursting with curiosity.

"Mother, please ... " Wendell said blushing a little and trying to beg off.

"Wendell, don't be shy with me. We can have no secrets between us. Tell me about the other apron that you wore," Madge ordered.

"Well, it was not as big as my other one. It only went from my waist down to about here," the boy said pointing to just below his knee. It tied in the back like my other one but the material was kind of pink and you could see through it. It had a heart shaped pocket on the right side made of a dark pink material. And, there was what Grandma called a 'ruffle' all around the outside of it. It was really pretty but I didn't want to wear it," Wendell explained. "Well, sort of, I did," he added.

"Why ever not? It sounds delicious. But you wore it for Grandma and Mrs. Damson didn't you?" Madge asked.

"Yes Mother, I did. I was a little embarrassed but Grandma said I should just go ahead and wear it and I didn't want to argue so I let her put it on me," Wendell said.

"You are such a good boy. So you enjoyed serving the ladies? How sweet!" Madge said as she beamed with pride.

"Did Grandma teach you to set the table? You did a wonderful job this morning. Everything is perfect," Madge complimented.

"Oh no, Mother!" Wendell exclaimed. I forgot the salt and pepper shakers! Please don't be angry with me," he pleaded.

"My sweet child. You did everything so well this morning I couldn't possibly be angry with you about anything. Besides, unless we're cooking eggs, we won't need them. I think we should make setting the table one of your permanent jobs around here. You can make coffee for me in the morning, too. Would you like that? We can even make a little check list for you until you learn everything so well that it is second nature," Madge suggested.

"Thank you, Mother, I would like that," Wendell replied.

Arlene walked into the kitchen at that precise moment. "Hello girls!" she happily said. After all, it was quite a sight. Mother and son were sitting at the kitchen table in their feminine night wear and hair rollers, each of their heads covered with a pretty scarf.

"Arlene, I'm going to smack you!" Madge said angrily. "Wendell and I had a long talk in the middle of the night. We've got a lot to sort out and we're taking this whole thing very seriously and one step at a time. Wendell, do you have something to tell your Auntie from our little talk last night?"

"Please sit down Auntie Arlene," he said as he pulled her chair out for her. After he helped scoot her chair in like a polite young man would, he sat down and said, "Mother and I had a talk last night in my room. I lied to you when you wanted me to set Mother's hair and I told you I had never done that before. I helped Grandma set her hair during my last visit. I'm sorry, I won't ever lie to you again."

"Apology accepted, honey. I thought you might not have been completely truthful with me. Madge, when we were kids, Mom used to wail the daylights out of us if she caught us lying," Arlene said trying to lead her sister on.

"Well that's not going to happen here. Wendell has already been disciplined and, under the circumstances, I think we should drop this topic," the boy's mother said.

"O.K. by me. Spare the rod and spoil the child ... " Arlene added.

"If you must know, Wendell got a little spanking over my knee already. So drop it!" Madge said raising her voice a little.

Wendell smiled and looked away thinking about the 'spanking' he got in the middle of the night. He remembered how they giggled when he was over his mother's knee and she told him was acting like a sissy. He wished all of the few spankings he had received in his life had been like that one.

Arlene was glad she had the foresight to use a panty liner that morning. Her juices were flowing again thinking about her curler headed nephew over his Mother's knees.

"So, did you two have a nice little chat early this morning?" Arlene prodded.

"We did as a matter of fact. Didn't we Wendell?" Madge asked her son.

"Oh yes, Mother. It was wonderful," Wendell glowed.

"Can you tell me about it or is it a secret that's 'just between us girls'?" Arlene asked and quickly added, "Don't get your panties in a knot, Sis, it's only an expression!"

Wendell wanted to quiet the conversation and offered, "Mother says that I'm a sissy, Auntie."

"That's wonderful, sweetie! I'm so happy for you. How do you know you're a sissy? Just exactly what is it that makes you a sissy? What do sissy boys do?" his aunt asked him innocently as she tried to hide her satisfaction.

"Well, Mother says that in the dictionary it says that a sissy is a feminine boy. I like to do girl things and I like to wear Mother's clothes so that makes me a sissy. It just means that I'm different," Wendell said looking over at his mother for approval. With a nod of her head she gave him the confidence he needed to continue and said, "I like to wear nice aprons and help do the housework. And, I want to help Mother with her hair. I hope I get to wear pretty clothes and I want Mommie to fix my hair nice and pretty and everyone will know that I really am a sissy." Very seriously he then said, "See, girls can't be sissies because they're girls. Only boys can be sissies. Did I understand that right, Mother?" he asked.

"Perfectly, sweetie, perfectly," Madge said smiling as she noticed the rose. "Where did that beautiful rose come from?" she asked.

"From the rose bush in the back yard, Mother," Wendell answered.

"Who got it for you, honey?" Madge asked with a puzzled look.

"I cut it myself Mother. I walked around out there early this morning for quite a while before I picked the one I liked the best. Was that all right?" Wendell asked.

"Of course baby doll. I'm just surprised you went outside in your nightie and hair rollers," Madge explained.

Looking at his Mother, Wendell said, "Mother, you told me not to be ashamed of who I am. Isn't that right Mother?" Then to his aunt he said, "Mommie and I want everyone to know that I'm a boy that likes doing girl things. It will be easier and more honest that way. We think that's better." Then he asked his aunt politely, "May I pour your coffee for you now, Auntie Arlene?"

Arlene nodded and sat in amazement watching Wendell get the coffee pot and expertly pour her cup full. He poured slowly but correctly from the right as his Grandmother had taught him to do.

"Creme or sugar, Auntie Arlene?" the girlish boy asked.

"Thank you, I'll take mine black," Arlene said pointedly.

The two sisters looked at each other across the table and smiled. "This was too good to be true!" Madge thought.

After their first cup of coffee, the two ladies made a light breakfast for the trio. Cooking was beyond Wendell's ability although he had learned a few things during his stay at his Grandmother's. As it turned out, there wasn't any real cooking to be done for their light summer breakfast. After breakfast, Wendell insisted on cleaning up the kitchen and did so.

"What are we going to do now, Mother?" Wendell asked as he put the finishing touches on the kitchen counters.

"We need to get dressed and there's housework to do. The kitchen looks great, thanks to you darling. But, we have to vacuum, dust, and make sure everything is 'just so' before your Grandma arrives. I want you to help me, Wendell," the boy's Mother said sternly. Then she added patting her rollers with one hand and pointing at him with an effeminate limp wrist with the other, "And then, we have to take our hair down and get it styled nice and pretty."

Wendell felt a twinge in his little manhood when his Mother said ''styled nice and pretty". He didn't want to take the rollers out but he couldn't wait for his mother to fix his hair. "I'm confused," he thought.

"Mother, I thought about what you said last night about what to wear today. I don't have anything to wear except my regular clothes. I don't know what to do. Can you help me?" he asked.

"Sure, honey doll. Let's go see what we can find. Where's your Auntie Arlene?" Madge asked.

"I don't know, Mother. HI think she left. Is her car gone?" Wendell said.

"She wouldn't leave without telling me." She looked out the kitchen window to the driveway and said, "Well, she is gone. But, you know, that's good. I wanted to talk to you about a couple of things. Let's sit in the living room," Madge suggested as she took his hand and led him to the living room couch.

"Wendell, I don't know where this is all going but I want to tell you again that you can go back to being the 'old' Wendell any time you want. I love you because you are you and for no other reason. If you want to dress pretty and have your hair done just once in a while, that's O.K. too. Don't get me wrong, I loved doing your hair last night and I know you liked it too. And, I hope to do it again for you really soon. But, this talk isn't about me. This talk is about you and I want to make sure you are happy." Wendell tried to say something but his mother stopped him.

"Please let me finish and then I'll listen to you all day, honey. You seem to have some kind of inner need do things for me and that pleases me. I really want you to do some of the housework and help me fix my hair. And, I loved having the kitchen cleaned up and that you made my coffee for me.

If you are going to continue down this feminine path that we have started, there are a couple of things that I think would help you stay in the right frame of mind," Madge said with butterflies in her stomach.

"Well, first of all, you know that when boys use the bathroom, they stand up to do their quick business. It can be a little messy and, if you think about it, you're not like most of the other boys. To make you feel more feminine, I think it would make you feel better if you sit down to go potty from now on," Madge said as she blushed.

"I do that already Mommie so my bathroom is really clean now. Grandma made me go that way at her house. When I came home it was too hard to remember what I was supposed to do here or at Grandma's so I sit down all of the time now. I like it better that way and when I finish, I wipe myself with a tissue, too!" he said proudly.

"That's very good, Wendell. I'm glad that subject is out of the way. And that's other thing. Your name doesn't fit the way you look right now. You should face the fact that you make a very pretty looking young girl, especially with your hair up in rollers like that. Around the house, I would like to start calling you 'Wendy' when you are showing your feminine side. Is that all right with you sweetie?"

"Mother, I would love that," Wendy said.

"That's wonderful, Wendy. God, that's sounds so good when I say it. I don't want to confuse you but when we go to a public place like the mall or my beauty college, I will call you 'Wendell'. Do you know why?" Madge asked.

"Because we want everyone to know that I'm a boy, Mommie?" he replied with a question in his voice.

"That's right. Especially at the beginning of all of this, I want to be sure that you, my son Wendell, are completely comfortable about what you are and who you are. I don't want you to ever be embarrassed regarding what you may be wearing or how you have your hair styled. Down the road, well, ... we'll see what happens."

"Is that all, Mommie? We have housework to do and my clothes to figure out," Wendell suggested.

Arlene came through the front door and laid down her fanny pack. She apparently went shopping because she had two plastic bags in her hand.

"Where'd you rush off to without saying a word?" Madge asked her sister.

"Just went out to pick up a few things. I overheard you and Wendell talking after breakfast. Here sweetie, these are for you," Arlene said as she handed the large plastic bags to her nephew.

"They are presents for you. I didn't have time to get them wrapped. Just look in the bags honey," Arlene said.

Wendell opened the first bag and looked down to see pastel colors of pink, peach, yellow, and green.

"What are ... " he started to ask.

"New clothes. I'm your Godmother and I wanted you to have a few new things. Just take them out and take a look," Arlene said.

"Mother, look!" Wendy said with great joy. "Auntie Arlene bought panties for me! My own panties! Three pair! And there are some new shirts!" Wendy looked in the second bag and found shorts and socks. "For me! Auntie Arlene, thank you so, so much!" Wendy said as he pulled the things out of the bag with all of the excitement he could muster.

Madge looked on disbelieving the scene before her.

Arlene looked at her sister. "Sorry hon, but I had to call my sweetie and wanted a little privacy. I knew Wendell would need a few things to get started so I went to the Walmart down the highway. I knew you probably would have wanted to buy him his first girlie things but with Mom coming and housework and both of your hair to do, I wanted to help out. You're not mad are you?" Arlene asked.

"No, no, not mad just surprised. There's so much love in this house right now I could just cry," Madge said, then teared up and started to happily weep in that wonderfully girlish sort of way.

"I need a Kleenex," Madge said as she stood up and headed to the bathroom.

Wendy got up and gave his aunt a hug. He kissed her on the cheek and thanked her again.

"Don't get sloppy with me now. I only bought you some new clothes," Arlene said kidding her nephew as she warmly hugged and kissed her nephew. "Wendell, why don't you try on your new things?" Arlene asked.

"Auntie Arlene, my name is Wendy now. At least around the house it is. I'd like it if you called me that if you want to," Wendy offered. "I think after our housework I'll take a bath and get ready for Grandma. I can't wait to wear my new clothes but it won't be too long."

"I like that name, honey. It's sweet. You remind me of Wendy in 'Peter Pan'. You know she started out with hair exactly the same color as yours when the Disney book came out and later on ended up a blonde. Go figure- Hollywood. Please promise me that you will never do that to your hair. The gorgeous color of your auburn hair with that little naturally gold highlight in it is to die for. Oh, Wendy, I want you to ask your Mother something when she comes back!" Arlene exclaimed.

"What is it Auntie Arlene, please tell me," Wendy said.

"I know your Mother's hair as well as anybody but her. It holds a set really well, and her hair has been up in those rollers for about fourteen hours. Even as long as her hair is, with that setting lotion, she's going to need a little time for her hair to relax or she'll look like a bubble head when your Grandmother gets here. Why don't you ask her nicely if you can take her rollers out for her?" Arlene suggested.

"Oh Auntie Arlene, I'd love to! Do you think she will let me?" he asked.

"She let you roll it up for her didn't she? I'll bet she'd love to have you take it down for her. Here she comes. Now ask her nicely," Arlene said.

"Mother, is it time to take your rollers out? If it is, can I ask a favor of you? Would you let me take your hair down from the curlers? Please, Mother, may I?" Wendy said with all of the sweetness that he had to give.

"What time is it? Oh no! My hair had been set for fourteen hours. Wendy, thank you so, so much for reminding me. You truly are a little doll. I'll get my curler basket," Madge said.

"Mother, please, let me get it. You know I want to," Wendy offered.

"Of course, you're right. I really need some time to get used to the new Wendy. Wendy, will you bring my curler basket and take my hair down please," Madge said with a mock authority.

"Yes, Mother, I'll be right back," Wendy said smiling as he scurried off.

When Wendy left the room, Arlene went to her sister for a little private moment.

'Well, how's it going Sis?" Arlene asked.

"You were right. My thirteen year old boy sure is a sissy. And, he just loves doing things for me. What am I going to do? This is nice but it's a little weird," Madge said.

"Go with the flow, Madge. Just go with the flow. You're not doing anything wrong," Arlene said.

Wendy came back into the room with his Mother's curler basket and brush from her dresser. "Where would you like to sit while I take your hair down, Mother?"

"I'll sit at the dining room table, darling. It's much nicer in there. Let's open some of these windows and drapes and let some fresh air in here," Madge suggested.

Madge sat down, took her scarf off and waited but Wendy was unsure what to do. He knew he had to take his Mother's hair net off but she had put it on. Arlene had opened the window and drapes letting in the fresh air. It also opened the inside of the house to possible view from the outside and Wendy didn't care. Arlene came into the dining room and Wendy looked at his aunt for help.

"Here honey, this is easy. You did the hard part last night. Look here under this bottom roller. This is where your Mom gathered the extra hair net and secured it with a Bobbie pin. You probably have one just like it. Reach under there with your fingers until you feel the Bobbie pin and ever so slowly pull it out," Arlene said helpfully.

"Very good. I couldn't be that delicate when I was your age. Explains why I'm a lawyer now. Because of the bristles in the brush rollers, they can snag when taking the hair net off. So, you have to be very careful. If it snags, then move the net a little bit to one side or the other until it's free," Arlene said as Wendy performed this delicate task.

"Another job well done, Wendy! Before you take your Mother's rollers out, I think we should get a picture. I brought my camera in so we can get a picture of Miss Wendy and her first hair setting job.

Look here and both of you smile nice, now (flash). Oh that's cute. And you both have such happy smiles on your faces. Now, one more picture for fun. I want you to stand here," Arlene said positioning Wendy behind his mother. "Put one hand here and one hand here," she said putting Wendy's hands on each side of his mother's curlers. "Now, look over here to the side at the camera and lean over and give your mother a nice kiss right here on this curler," Arlene directed as she took a step back and another picture. Arlene laughed and said, "Well that's about the most girlish thing I've ever seen- a pretty boy kissing his mother's hair rollers."

With his hair up in rollers and that dress-looking apron around him and the bright flower print peach scarf around his head he couldn't have looked more the sissy. Arlene showed her sister the picture she had just taken in the view window of her digital camera and Madge's reaction was to flush red, shake her head a little bit and have her womanhood throb. What was she thinking!

Madge got a hold of herself and took over Wendy's instruction. "Now, Wendy, start at the bottom and take the pick out of one of the bottom rollers. Slowly unwind the hair until it's free from the roller. That's good, honey. You know I love having my hair set but this part feels good too! Now unwind the one next to it either left or right. It's easier if you work around your Mommies set and work your way up unrolling her hair. There's less chance of tangles that way."

Madge could not see the look on Wendy's face but he certainly was in a world that included only he and his mother's hair. He didn't speak but worked at his task loving every second. The fresh scent of his Mother's hair as it was being unwound from each roller was stronger than he had ever encountered. It was a wonderful perfume to his senses and his favorite aroma in the whole world. The feel of the well formed curls, stiff from the setting lotion, tickled his hands constantly as he undid the rollers in his Mother's hair.

And oh, the sight of those luscious curls. Aunt Arlene was snapping a few more pictures and Wendy didn't even notice. The way his Mother's rich long curls looked as they sprang loosely back toward her shoulders and head was a sight so beautiful that he could hardly bare it.

Wendy had gathered his mother's hair loosely in his hands and said as proudly as he had ever said anything in his life exclaimed, "Look what I did!" He held one particular barrel of a curl that was particularly formed in his delicate hand. It originated in the back of the middle of his Mother's head and when he had released it from the roller, from his view it had sprung back to the form of the roller in almost slow motion. He leaned over and put his cute little turned up nose into it.

"Mommie, your hair smells ever so good!" Wendy beamed.

When most of Madge's curls started to loosen due to the sheer length and weight and volume of her hair, the curls started to naturally relax into long vertical ringlets. When she moved her head slightly, the way they bounced reminded him of Shelly's ringlets but they were on a much greater scale and he had created them. "Oh, Shelly's has ringlets but nothing like this," he thought.

Wendy was taking the last roller out and he felt more proud than he ever had in his life. He was good at video games but the creation before him was real. He loved the fact that his Mother's hair consumed most of his senses, it was so profoundly beautiful, and, most of all, that he done it for his mother.

"You rollers are all out, Mother," Wendy almost sadly said. "Now what do I do?" he asked.

"My hair is stiff from the perfect roller set you gave me. What would feel so good is if you would give me a little head massage to help break the set before we try to brush it," Madge replied

"How do I do that, Mother," he asked looking forward to whatever the next step may be.

"Just put your finger into my curls and massage my scalp gently. Rub my scalp in little circular motion like you did when you shampooed my hair, honey. Your arms aren't very long so you'll have to get close to the back of the chair. That's it, hmmm, oh God that feels so good. Try to run your fingers through my hair to loosen the set, Wendy. Be gentle or you'll pull Mommie's hair."

He started to massage his Mother's scalp as instructed and as he did an even stronger scent from his Mother's hair reached his nose. He now had his hands buried deep into his Mother's curls doing his best to do something he had never done before.

This was just too much for the prepubescent boy's psyche to handle and all of the sudden is hands shook almost violently and he stopped his work.

"What's the matter, sweetie? Are you all right? His mother asked.

"Uh, I, ... uh, need to go to the bathroom," he stammered.

"Just take out the last rollers, then you can go," his Mother said.

"I have to go now, Mommie," he said. "I ... I ... I think I wet myself," he confessed.

Madge stood up and said, "Let me help you honey. Let's see what happened to Mommie's pretty boy."

Madge took Wendy upstairs to the master bedroom suite and closed the door. She led him into the master bathroom and, only then realized that he must be uncomfortable and probably a little bit warm with all of the clothes he had on although she never heard a word of complaint from him regarding his discomfort.

"Let's get this apron off of you first," she said untying the bow and helping him off with it. "There, now let's get your nightie off, Wendy," and she pulled the nightshirt up from the hem to his waist and over his scarf and head of rollers. His torso and legs were now bare and he trembled as the cool air hit his slender body.

She knelt down and looked for a yellow stain on the front of his panties but found none. "Honey I don't see anything to show that you peed yourself. I don't see how you could since you haven't done that since you were very little. Here, let's get your panties down, honey, so we can see what happened," she said carefully lowering the control panty that he had worn all night.

As soon as the panty was down around his knees Madge could see Wendy's little penis and she knew what had happened as there was a little drop of clear sticky fluid at the end of his boyish member.

"Oh, Wendy, you wet your panties a little bit but not with pee. I think you had an emission. Has that ever happened before?" she asked.

"I don't know what that is Mommie.

"It's when this kind of clear sticky fluid involuntarily comes out of your little penis, honey. Did this ever happen before?" Madge asked.

"One time a couple of months ago I woke up in the morning and the inside of my underwear was sticky. It scared me and I was too scared to say anything. It only happened once, Mommie," Wendell said. "Is there something wrong with me Mommie?"

"No honey, you're just growing up. Don't worry. In fact, absolutely don't worry. Look at me Wendy." Madge sat down on a step of the large oval elevated tub in her master bath. Wendy was standing right in front of her. "Look me in the eye Wendy. Do you believe I love you more than anything in the world?" Madge asked her prissy boy.

"Yes, Mother, I do," Wendell replied.

"If there was something wrong with you, don't you think we'd be on our way to the doctor right this second?" Madge reasoned. "So, don't worry about it. I'll explain it all to you later. Promise me you won't worry about it," she said with concern.

"I won't Mommie, I promise," Wendy said softly.

'I think it's time to get you into the tub. How about another nice bubble bath in Mommie's big bath tub? Would you like that?" Madge asked. "I want to have time to do a little housework and fix your hair before Grandma comes," Madge said and she knelt down to help Wendy get his panties all of the way off. He steadied himself by putting his hands on his Mother's shoulders and the caress of her hair made him feel so much better.

So much so, that while he was standing in front of her, with her head in a position that he could look down at her massive curls, his little thing was jerking at an attempt to become erect. Madge was looking straight at his little boyhood and she smiled thinking about how much he must love her hair. Wendy was embarrassed at all of this and tried to hurry out of his panties. Madge thought it was the cutest thing she had ever seen.

As the tub filled with bubbles, Madge thought about how she wanted Wendy to help her with the housework but he was in a pretty fragile state right now and there would be plenty of housework to do in the future. The best thing for him to do would be for her to pamper him a little and get him dressed for Grandma's visit.

By the time Wendy got out of the tub and was dried and powdered, his Aunt Arlene had brought his new clothes up to his mother's room. They were neatly laid out on her king size bed half covering it. There was a box there that he hadn't seen before and another small package that Wendy couldn't make out.

Madge and Wendy came out of the bathroom and Madge said, "Wendy, this is an important moment. You know those clothes on the bed are girls clothes. We've had two conversations about what is best for you and what you want. I worry that you are doing this because you think it pleases me. I want to be sure that it is what you want and it pleases you. If you are not comfortable, I do not want you to wear these clothes."

"Mother will you please help me put my panties on, I'm cold," Wendell said a little impatiently. "What color panties do you want to wear today, Wendy?" Madge asked happily.

"I want the green panties and the matching green top and the white shorts. Grandma's favorite color is green- like her garden," Wendy answered.

"I don't know if you are the sweetest child in this world, Wendy, but if you're not, you must be close," Madge said with a lump in her throat. She picked up the pale green panties and noticed the band of lace around the waist band and pretty eyelet trim around the leg openings and knelt down to help Wendy step into his panties. Wendy looked down at his mother's hair dancing about her head as she helped him and his little penis started again to stir a little. First one leg and then the other went into the leg holes. Madge pulled the panties up to his waist and gave him a big hug. Wendy was wearing his first pair of his own panties and they both enjoyed this tender moment.

Next came his top and his white shorts. They were quite plain, actually and went on quickly.

After Wendy was dressed in his new clothes, Madge had him sit on the bed to put his socks on. They could only be described as juvenile because they were trimmed in pink lace. Without a word said between them, Madge slipped the socks onto Wendy's feet and folded the tops down showing off the lace.

"Here Wendy. Your Auntie bought these for you too. Open the box honey," Madge told him.

Wendy opened the box and he gasped then smiled. Inside the box was a pair of black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. He had seen the girls wear them many, many times as he was growing up and longed to wear them and now there was a pair of his own sitting right in his lap. "My very own black shiny shoes!" he cried not knowing they were called 'Mary Janes'.

"Mommie, these shoes are so pretty. I've wanted to wear shoes like this ever since ... since ... I can remember." Madge helped Wendy on with his shoes and they headed downstairs.

At the top of the stairs, Wendy hesitated and Madge warned him, "Be careful going down the stairs honey. Your new shoes new and they are slippery and I don't want you to fall." Warned the boy's mother. "Hold onto the rail and go down slowly."

Wendy stood at the top of the stairs as if his feet were glued to the floor.

"What's wrong honey? Are you O.K. Do you want to go to your room and change?" Madge fearfully said. He did look so cute- especially since he was still wearing the flowery scarf around his neat roller set.

"I'm all right Mother. I want to go down and get ready for Grandma. What did the spaceman say years ago? 'One giant step or something like that' ," as he took the first step down the stairs.

Madge smiled at his 'one step' statement thinking it was a giant step for her little boy. She closely watched her curler headed son taking his cautious steps in his new shoes down the stairs. "Would she ever get to see him go slowly down those same steps in heels and a prom dress?" she thought. "God, I pray so," Madge said to herself.

At the bottom of the stairs, Arlene greeted them.

"Don't you look the picture Wendy. Everything fit all right?" the boy's aunt asked.

"Just perfect Auntie Arlene. Thank you so much," he said.

"Come sit here Wendy. It's time for me to do your hair. And then later, you are going to brush mine and help me style it," Madge said to her son.

Madge started to take the scarf from Wendy's hair and Arlene went to get the camera. Madge was experienced of course and quickly Wendy was sitting there as still as could be with his hair net off and his rollers exposed for all to clearly see. He didn't want his mother to take his rollers out yet he wanted her to fix his hair. "Mother ... before you take my curlers out, will you promise me ... " he tried to ask but couldn't.

Understanding his concern, his mother comforted, "Honey, dear, I thought we were beyond that. You can have your hair set again any time you want. We can roll it up again tonight if you want to. Remember what I have said. I'll curl your hair and put it up in a fancy up-do like you were going to go to the prom if you want me to. Now shush while I take out your rollers," Madge said a little impatiently. She thought she may have been a little abrupt and leaned down to kiss his cheek. "My little princess," she said as she kissed him tenderly.

Interrupting the moment was the ring of Arlene's cell phone. She took the call and left the room.

Wendy relaxed as he relished in the feel of his mother removing the curlers from his hair. While having his hair set was incredibly satisfying, his hair was now free of the curlers that had been in his hair for so many hours. For now, he loved the feeling of freedom his hair had.

Madge looked down at her son's now gorgeously curled hair. It was darker in color than normal because of the setting lotion. This was a special moment for her. Madge had so long wanted to set and style her son's girlishly long hair. How ironic it was. She wanted to do his hair for him and he wanted his mother to do it for him. And now they were a few short brush strokes away from a pretty girlish style.

"First honey, I want you to see what your hair looks like. Here's the mirror," Madge said handing it to him. "Now reach up and feel your hair. Doesn't it feel just yummy! Don't you love the stiffness of the curls? Your hair looks the way mine must have when you took my rollers out. Now I'm going to give your head a little massage and run my fingers through your hair to break the set just like you did for me," Madge explained.

"O.K. Mommie?" Wendy said with a little trepidation in his voice. He wondered if his mother would get as excited as he did when he did it for her.

"Don't worry, sweetie, I'm just going to break down the stiffness of your hair. I'll try not to pull it," Madge explained.

Madge ran her fingers through Wendy's hair trying relaxing the stiffness of his roller set hair. "His hair is so thick," she thought. "When he grows up it will be just like his Mommie's."

Madge then picked out her best wide toothed brush and gently began to run it through Wendy's curls. After a few brush strokes, Wendy said softly, "Mother, that feels so, so good. Mother, I think, I think, I'm ... I think ... I'm going to cry." And he sniffled some gentle tears of joy once more.

"There, there, honey. You're just experiencing part of the joy of being a girl," said and, he is such a girl at heart, she thought to herself.

Madge put the brush down and knelt by her son comforting him. "Wendy, Wendy we're going to have many, many more times like this. Don't you worry my sweet boy. Wendy and his Mommie are going to have lots and lots of happy times doing each other's hair. Tonight I think I may need to have my hair set again. What do you think?" she asked smiling at him and already knowing the answer.

Madge was confident that Wendy was calm enough now that she could finish styling his hair. She brushed and back brushed his hair until she was able to style it into a very girlish bouffant flip. She thought the style a little outdated but so very cute. After all, it was the same style she wore as a girl. His hair needed a little trim because she could tell that the flip of his hairstyle wasn't quite even. She would take care of that soon. She also thought that this style would need some nice bangs but she and Wendy would decide that together.

"There honey, do you want to see your finished hairdo?" his mother asked.

"Oh yes Mother, yes. Please hurry! Is it pretty?" he asked.

"Very pretty Wendy. You're the prettiest girl in the room," the proud mother said reaching for the hand mirror.

Wendy looked in the hand mirror and beamed, "Oh Mommie. My hair is pretty! Thank you ever so much!" He reached up to touch his hair and did so very delicately. "Is this my hair Mommie? Really and truly?" he gushed.

"That's your hair growing out of your head, Wendy. Shampooed, set, and styled. That will be $25 please!" Wendy's mother joked.

"One more thing. Grab the mirror and let's go to the bathroom. I want you to see the back."

"Just a minute, let's bring these with us," Madge said picking up the package of barrettes that Arlene had bought with the other things.

In the bathroom mirror, Wendy saw himself for the first time all dressed and with a pretty new hairstyle. He just smiled at himself as he enjoyed the reflection.

"Do I look all right, Mother?" he asked.

"You are a living doll, Wendy. There's just one more little thing. Your Auntie bought these barrettes for you. I want you to pick one that goes with your outfit, honey. We're going to put it in your hair right here," Madge said pointing to a place above his right ear.

"Well, Mother, I think that I would like to choose this one. It has a little green in it and I think it matches my top. Is that a good choice?" he asked.

"That one will be perfect, Wendy. Let me put it in your hair for you," Madge said.

Madge slid the barrette into her son's darling hairdo and fastened it in place.

She leaned over so that her head was on Wendy's shoulder and they both looked into the mirror in the bathroom.

"What a pretty picture," they both thought.

To be continued in Part II -

Grandma comes to visit ...